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JENA @ PURE TEXTUALITY [JENA]: Welcome to the 2014 edition of Indies In Their Undies, a month-long interview series with 31 indie authors! Today we are sitting down with L. Mertz!


[JENA] We have readers all over the world and I am always curious to see where our favorite authors are from. Where do you call base camp?
L. MERTZ [L] I live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Right outside of Washington, DC.
[JENA] A common trend as of late is cross-genre authors. It has become relatively uncommon to come across an author who only writes in one specific genre. It seems there are a lot of writers who like to dip their toes in all sorts of pools. Which genre or genres do you write?
[L] I have only written in romance, contemporary romance, and new adult.
[JENA] Writers get inspiration from all over the place. Movies, books, music, people in their life, their own life, etc. Who or what is your most common muse?
[L] I tend to dream a lot and have the same dream over and over. I’ve written down my dreams since I was a teenager. That was the only way to get them out of my head. I listen to music constantly and usually will listen to almost anything, but I typically listen to rock most of the time. I actually do a lot of my thinking and develop scenes for my books while driving. I need to get a tape recorder to log them down so I don’t forget.
[JENA] Are you 100% independently published or do you have traditional contracts as well? If you are 100% indie, would you ever consider a traditional publishing contract? Why or why not?
[L] I’m still new at this so I am 100% myself. I think that if the opportunity was a good one I would take a traditional contract but it would take something AMAZING for me to do that. I like being able to have my own timeline to get my projects completed.
[JENA] Writer’s block sucks. What do you do to overcome the blank stare when it hits you with everything it has got?
[L] Oh man! I suffered hard core from this with my second book. I was just stuck. I had a beginning and an ending, but I was missing a bunch of middle. I would just stare at the screen of my laptop. To get through it I made myself take time away from writing and focused my energy on other things. I took a small vacation while in the middle of writing and when I got back home from it not only had a started a completely different story but I was reenergized to complete my current work in progress.
[JENA] Let’s gab about your books. What fictiony goodness have you already unleashed on the general populous?
[L] My first book is called Falling for a Muse which is about a normal girl that falls head over heels in love with a guy that is a cover model for a popular Indie author and some obstacles that they face as a couple.
My second book is called Healing a Muse and is about a photographer and an up and coming cover model that fall for each other after suffering betrayals of their own.

Both books are a part of a series called A Muse Inspired Love Series, but can be read as stand alones.

[JENA] What’s next for you and your writing? Any new titles coming out?
[L] I’m currently working on a third “Muse” book which is about an author falling for a guy. I have a baseball romance book that I’ve been sitting on trying to complete for about a year now. That I’m hoping to have available this summer.
[JENA] The latest trend with the indie author world is massive book signings and conventions featuring anywhere from 20 authors to 200 authors. What has your experience been at these events? Do you enjoy them? Or do they make you twitch and sweat?
[L] I enjoyed a signing that I attended earlier this year in New Orleans with my bestie and editor. I enjoyed meeting my favorite authors and other readers. When I first got to the event it was crazy busy, but once the crowd cleared out we were able to spend more time with some of the authors and hang out.
[JENA] Do you have any appearances coming up? If so, tell us when and where (provide links if you have them).
[L] I will be attending my first signing as an author in October 2014 in New Orleans at Dittercon, again with my bestie and editor by my side. I will probably be a nervous wreck and need a few “drinks” to calm my nerves, but I think it’ll be like any new experience. Adrenaline pumping and so much fun.

For 2015, I am on a waiting list for a few events throughout the year and I will definitely be in Nashville in August of 2015. I can’t wait for that event. I have become friends with many of the authors who will also be in attendance.
[JENA] Now it’s time for some just-for-fun questions! If you were digitized like Tron and put on the internet what site would you visit first?
[L] First, I have never seen the “new” Tron. Only the original, like when it first came out! So the first website I’d go to would probably be Amazon or Facebook. That’s where I am the most anyway.
[JENA] Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, were you surprised or shocked by any of the results?
[L] Yes. It was a while ago and I think I was a doctor somewhere, but I can’t remember. My name was attached to my parents a lot though. Mostly the only thing that pops up is my facebook page.
[JENA] What would you do with a million dollars?
[L] I’d probably quit my job and travel or I would buy tickets to every concert that I ever wanted to go no matter where it was.
[JENA] If you were trapped on a desert island with one CD that you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
[L] Damn….this is super hard…..Right now my constant album that I’m listening too and can’t stop is Black Veiled Brides Wretched & Divine. So I’ll go with that for now, but I’m constantly changing and obsessing over another band every month.
[JENA] How do you consume – read the book then watch the movie or watch the movie then read the book?
[L] Read the book then the movie, EXCEPT when it came to the Twilight series. I couldn’t get into the book until after I watched the first movie. Then I read the series twice.
[JENA] If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?
[L] I wouldn’t want to live forever. I would’ve liked to be born when my parents were actually. They’re baby boomers and I just feel that they got to experience all of this change and these great events in the world after WW2 to now. I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong era so to speak.
[JENA] If you were faced with the zombie apocalypse and had to pick five people to be on your survival team, who would you pick?
[L] Hmmm….. The first person I would choose is my bestie’s husband because he’s got supplies and firearms. Then I‘d probably want my sister’s because they are both resourceful in their own ways. I guess my husband too… Then Iron Man….definitely Iron Man.
[JENA] Imagine the concept of reincarnation is real, who or what would you hope to come back as in your next life?
[L] A Lion. Definitely a Lion.
[JENA] Thank you for participating in Indies In Their Undies!

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