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JENA @ PURE TEXTUALITY [JENA]: Welcome to the 2014 edition of Indies In Their Undies, a month-long interview series with 31 indie authors! Today we are sitting down with L.A. Remenicky!


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[JENA] We have readers all over the world and I am always curious to see where our favorite authors are from. Where do you call base camp?
L.A. REMENICKY [LA] Northeast Indiana born and bred. I live in what is known as the world’s largest truck stop: Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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[JENA] A common trend as of late is cross-genre authors. It has become relatively uncommon to come across an author who only writes in one specific genre. It seems there are a lot of writers who like to dip their toes in all sorts of pools. Which genre or genres do you write?
[LA] So far I have released a paranormal romance (Saving Cassie) and a romantic suspense (Invisible). I will probably be sticking with romance but branching out into different sub-genres. Currently I have started a Christian romance and a sci-fi/fantasy romance along with my next paranormal romance.
[JENA] Writers get inspiration from all over the place. Movies, books, music, people in their life, their own life, etc. Who or what is your most common muse?
[LA] My biggest muse is music. Song lyrics get my “what if” going – I have a WIP that was inspired by “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. Saving Cassie was inspired in part by Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. I can get an idea from anywhere. My sci-fi/fantasy romance WIP was inspired by a comment made by my boss. I carry a notebook with me everywhere – I never know when an idea will pop into my head.
[JENA] Writer’s block sucks. What do you do to overcome the blank stare when it hits you with everything it has got?
[LA] I turn off the computer and watch a movie, read a book, anything that will get me focused on something other than my block. Sometimes it’s just a certain story that I’m blocked on so switching to a different WIP sometimes helps.
[JENA] Let’s gab about your books. What fictiony goodness have you already unleashed on the general populous?
[LA] As I mentioned before I have released two books so far. My first, Saving Cassie, is a paranormal romance and the first book in a series of stand-alone stories that all take place in the fictional town of Fairfield Corners, Indiana. The main theme running through all the books is Fate. The main characters are all human but ghosts and demons made an appearance in Saving Cassie. Book 2, Ragan’s Song, that I will be releasing this fall deals more with visions and a song that brings the main characters together.
Saving Cassie Ebook Cover
My second book, Invisible, is a romantic suspense. It is not part of a series at this time but some of the secondary characters may get their own books sometime in the future. Jax and Lainie get a second chance at love while they are on the run trying to hide from a killer.
Invisible ebook cover
[JENA] What’s next for you and your writing? Any new titles coming out?
[LA] My next release will be Ragan’s Song, Fairfield Corners Book 2 that will be released in October. I still have a lot of work to do on Ragan and Adam’s story before I can turn it over to my editor. After that, it may be Book 3 in the series, tentatively titled Fate Stepped In.
[JENA] The latest trend with the indie author world is massive book signings and conventions featuring anywhere from 20 authors to 200 authors. What has your experience been at these events? Do you enjoy them? Or do they make you twitch and sweat?
[LA] We will find out in November. My first experience at a book signing will be at Indie Unmasked in Indianapolis. I’m both excited and scared – will anyone come to my table, will I be able to concentrate with so many great authors around me? So many what-ifs… hmmm… maybe a story in there? You never know!
[JENA] Do you have any appearances coming up? If so, tell us when and where (provide links if you have them).
[LA] Indie Unmasked November 15 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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[JENA] Now it’s time for some just-for-fun questions! If you were digitized like Tron and put on the internet what site would you visit first?
[LA] Amazon would be first so I could go run around in my favorite books – The Stand by Stephen King, any of the In Death books by J.D. Robb, and any of the Stephanie Plum novels.
[JENA] Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, were you surprised or shocked by any of the results?
[LA] I did, but that was before I released my books so there wasn’t much out there. I will have to do that again now that I’m an author.
[JENA] What would you do with a million dollars?
[LA] After buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee for me and a 2015 Challenger for the hubby the rest would be invested so that I could hopefully quit my job and spend my days writing and trolling Facebook and Google+ and pay someone to help me pimp out my books. For now it’s just me and my soon-to-be street team.
[JENA] If you were trapped on a desert island with one CD that you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
[LA] Bryan Adams Bare Bones – he’s been my favorite since I was in high school way back when.
[JENA] How do you consume – read the book then watch the movie or watch the movie then read the book?
[LA] I read the book first, just because I couldn’t wait. And yes, I am one of those whose all “that wasn’t how it was in the book” people – I can’t help it the movie doesn’t fit my mental picture of what it should be.
[JENA] If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?
[LA] No, I would not want to live forever. I want to come back and haunt someone – I’m intrigued by ghosts and the paranormal.
[JENA] If you were faced with the zombie apocalypse and had to pick five people to be on your survival team, who would you pick?
[LA] Norman Reedus because he’s had all that practice on The Walking Dead, Alex O’Laughlan just so I can watch him, Nick Burkhardt because a grimm would kick butt killing zombies, Stephen King because he could write us out of the apocalypse, and Jamie from Mythbusters so we could build some awesome weapons.
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[JENA] Imagine the concept of reincarnation is real, who or what would you hope to come back as in your next life?
[LA] I would love to come back as someone’s pampered pooch – sleep, eat, play, sounds like heaven to me!
[JENA] Thank you for participating in Indies In Their Undies!

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