NEW RELEASE REVIEW by Eryn: Fairy Tale Magic: Unearth & Reclaim the Potent Enchantment of Old World Folk Tales by Kenny Klein and Lauren DeVoe (@RJBags19)

Find the secret and hidden elements of magic in the fairy tales of England, France, Russia, and the Baltic. Did you know that Jack and the Beanstalk has themes that relate to the Bible and to the Epic of Gilgamesh? No, really Faery Tale Magic examines the relationship between fairy tale archetypes and the practice of magic. Each tale is discussed, and an element of the tale is used to illustrate a magical principle. Explore how fairy tales thinly veil magical propositions like polarity, the world tree, the journey to the underworld, day of the week magic, crosses and magic, and much more. Discover the correspondence between the world’s best folk traditions and all manner of topics–everything from tarot to runes to magic charms to spells and herbalism.

Klein and DeVoe execute brilliant relationships between engaging archetypal iconography embedded in non-mainstream cultural folk tales with their applications in the setting of practical earth-based magic. The authors elegantly correlate primitive and sacred meanings of magical theory in fairy tales and guide beginning magic practitioners through lessons based in ancient lore. Klein and DeVoe’s research of each apologue offers an impressive understanding of the implications that magic practitioners face when utilizing and calling upon the energies of the universe.
By following the precedence set forth in Fairy Tale Magic, those who use the natural elements in their workings will not be steered wrong by the guidance that this work offers. Not only are the stories that the authors chose engaging, their explanations of archetypal significances are concise and extremely valuable. In this reader’s opinion, I would grant this title a 5 out 5 stars. Thank you to Netgalley and Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd for the opportunity to enjoy this read.
Eryn New

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