NEW RELEASE REVIEW by Lorna: Bite Me, I'm Yours by Stacy McKitrick (@Mollykatie112)

bite meSarah’s known monsters…and John isn’t one.
Sarah’s life isn’t going well. She’s divorced from an abusive jerk, been drugged, stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped. Between that and a harsh winter, it’s almost more than a girl can take. She’s rightly distrusting of any man’s affection, so an ice-skating date with John – who doesn’t seem to feel the cold – isn’t exactly on her bucket list. Yet something about him captures her attention.
John is determined to live as an ordinary mortal. He’s moved into the city, bought a sports bar and works there as the bartender. As a new vampire, he’s never considered dating, until he meets Sarah. Prudence dictates he stay away from her, but everything about her calls to him…right down to her cute animal socks.
Sure, finding out John is a vampire is scary, but Sarah’s learned not all monsters have fangs. Besides, someone else isn’t too happy about their budding relationship. Sarah will have to survive before getting her chance at love.

It’s no secret that I love to read about paranormal creatures, vampires and werewolves in particular. So when I saw this book on Net Galley, it was a no brainer that I request it, in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am not always happy with the lighter side of paranormal books, but occasionally one will really surprise me. I ended up really enjoying the read in this case.
Sarah is an accountant, young, newly single, and very pretty. One day she leaves work late, and gets attacked and knocked out in the parking garage. John, a vampire, just happens to be there too, and he saves Sarah from her attacker. She never sees him, so when she wakes, isn’t aware what happened. It’s not long until she does meet John at the bar he owns. He, of course, knows who she is, but she is clueless about him. She takes one look and wants to know him.
I really liked the two main characters of Sarah and John. John has been a vampire since 1957, was turned without his or the vampire committee’s permission, and he is not happy about it. Until recently, he had lived as a hermit, but decided he wanted to rejoin the mortal world, so he bought the bar. He was seriously the nicest vampire I have ever read about. Normally that wouldn’t work for me, but in this case, for whatever reason, it did. The romance between him and Sarah was really sweet, and at times hot. Sarah was just out of an abusive marriage and very vulnerable. Her ex-husband ends up being just one of many villains.
This ended up being a mystery as well as a romance. There’s a serial killer operating in the area, and Sarah’s ex-husband is intent on making Sarah’s life hell. I enjoy a good mystery or serial killer book, and of course a romance, so this book fit lots of criteria for me for a good book. Top it off with vampires, and I am a happy reader!
All in all, I enjoyed this book, the characters, the world building(and there is quite a bit actually), and the premise. It’s a light read, so don’t expect Urban Fantasy here. I recommend it to adult paranormal romance readers.
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