REVIEW by Jena: Undefeated (Fighter #1) by S.D. Hildreth (@ScottDHildreth)

UndefeatedShane Dekkar is an alpha male and a boxer. He is as ruthless on the streets as he is in the ring. Several things set Shane apart from the typical alpha; he’s romantic, kind, considerate, and poetic – as long as you’re on his good side. Preparing for a potential shot at the Heavyweight Championship of The World, he doesn’t necessarily have time for a relationship. When he meets Kace Meadows for the first time, he is shocked by her natural beauty. For reasons out of his control, he walks away, not even knowing her name. Two years later, when he meets her a second time, he views this meeting as fate.
Kace Meadows is a dreamer who lives vicariously through her book boyfriends she reads about on her Kindle. When she meets Shane Dekkar for the first time, she simply can’t forget him. When she meets him the second time, things in her life begin to change, and change fast.

I admit it.  This is a series I scooped up simply because I liked the cover.  I have a fascination with boxing.  I don’t follow it religiously, but I have a few fighters here and there who have caught my eye and I have followed their careers.  When I stumbled upon an erotica series starring boxers, I was in.  It also happened to be at a time where the entire series was on sale.  I believe I bought each book for only $0.99 or something.
Anyway, I dug right in and read the entire book in an afternoon.  It’s pretty fast-paced and the erotic element is well-written (except for one thing, which I will mention in just a moment).  I immediately fell in love with the male lead, Dekkar.  He is the ultimate draw in a bad boy – he’s not really a bad boy.  Sure, he’s got the whole fighter thing going for him, but this guy has a heart of gold, something every girl tries to project onto her mistake boyfriend after the thrill and charm of being a bad boy wears off (hint to all the ladies out there – most bad boys are just that, bad – they’re not good for you).  No projecting needed with Dekkar.  He’s the real deal.
The whole story is good overall.  None of the massively unbelievable plot points which tend to be sprinkled throughout most erotic romance.  This is a big bonus in my eyes because that is the sole reason I don’t read a lot of erotic romance.  The only thing I was stopped dead in my tracks over is that after an orgasm, Kace, our female lead blurts out something like “Dont touch me.  Dont talk to me.”  I know in the grand scheme this is really quite a teeny tiny thing to bitch about, but it sent up the ‘that would never happen following good sex’ flag.  However, that’s the only thing out of the entire book that stuck out in my head as being wholly unbelievable.
Overall, this is a good read.  Not an earth-shattering book, but a sweet story.
In just a few minutes, I am going to post the review for book #2 in the series.  Stay tuned…..
Jena Sig

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