REVIEW by Jena: Unstoppable (Fighter #2) by S.D. Hildreth (@ScottDHildreth)

UnstoppableMike “Ripp” Ripton is a boxer and bare knuckles fighter who is witty, muscular, tattooed, and has 4 piercings ‘down stairs’. He is a man of principal, great moral value, and has family ties. He has never, however, been in love; nor been in an actual relationship. He does relationships, ‘just not for that long’.
He boxes professionally, and fights bare knuckles matches in the ‘hood’ for cash. Ripp is a take me or leave me type of alpha male that won’t change for anyone. On his bike, in his classic 1969 Chevelle, or in the ring he’s at home.
When he meets who he believes is the most beautiful woman in the world one day in the bar – a local prominent attorney – he decides she’ll be his next ‘victim’. Little does he realize that he just might end up being hers.
She eagerly admits she’s attracted to one type of male, and one type only. Bad Boy. Alpha. Tattooed, and…..
She prefers at the end of her day of court battles that she be able to throw her respective hands in the air and have a man take charge. She will settle for nothing less. She wants a dominant man.
As long as she’s in a relationship with him.
What happens when life offers ‘the man who will not change’ events and opportunities that cause change in his life that he either wasn’t or isn’t prepared for?
And how deep does the blood of a died in the wool fighter run?
To what degree will he fight for what he believes in and/or what he wants in life?
What if his desires change?

If you saw the review of Undefeated (Fighter #1) I just posted a few minutes ago, you know I loved the first book in this series. This second book picks up with Ripp, the alpha-type best friend of our alpha-type hero Dekkar from the first book. Ripp is a man whore in every sense of the word. My assumption is that he met a female character who changed everything for him and won over his big, slutty heart. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t finish this book. Here’s why….
In Undefeated, Dekkar says the following:
9-29-2014 9-42-46 AM
It was a good line, and it stuck with me. Since I finished book #1 in an afternoon, I immediately jumped right into book #2. I probably should have waited a while, because when I read Unstoppable’s main character Ripp waxing poetic about himself internally, I spit out my coffee.
9-29-2014 9-41-51 AM
Then there’s the one point I found totally unbelievable in book #1:
9-29-2014 9-48-29 AM
Back to book #2:
9-29-2014 9-54-06 AM
I want to add the caveat here that it may be because I read them within hours of each other that I even noticed, but for me, it ruined it and I couldn’t finish the book. It just felt like I was reading recycled material. That being said, if you were to space them out, and if Unstoppable (Fighter #2) is even HALF as good as Undefeated (Fighter #1), it would be an excellent read, so I am not discouraging the readers out there from checking it out.
Jena Sig

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