RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Guest Author Ginny Lurcock: A Reaper Made by Liz Long (@ginnylurcock , @lizclong)

917QSkCevdL._SL1500_Grace had finally gotten used to her new afterlife as a “Made” – a Reaper who used to be human. When Made Reapers and souls begin disappearing, however, Grace and her mentor Tully suspect demons. Grace’s worst fears are confirmed when her living family is threatened.
She’ll have to break every rule in the Reaper book to save them, including using a little magic to become temporarily human. With the help of Tully and her witchy friend Tessa, Grace goes undercover to save the fates of kidnapped souls – only to discover that demons aren’t working alone. Betrayal and distrust runs deep and Grace discovers that sometimes even Reapers are prone to humanity.


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We take a break from our normally scheduled self promotion to bring you an important message from our sponsors. Meaning me. Because I don’t have sponsors. Yet.
I *adore* Liz Long. Ever since I’ve read Gifted I’ve been enchanted with her style. That’s not to say we’ve never had our disagreements. There’s something that happens at the end of Burned that still irks me. Sure, it fits with the story, but I still wanted it to end a different way.
My way.
And I mention this only because … well … I forgive her.
Because of Tully.
Grace’s mentor in her second life, her reaping life, is amazing enough to soothe all my petty butthurts. An Irishman who lived during the time of famines, he’s all gruff and grumble and doesn’t quite get the sassy little nursing student from the 21st century. But seems to love her anyways.
I know, that doesn’t explain why he’s so amazing. Let me try again. He’s just this massive wall of “harumpf” that occasionally allows emotions to leak out through tiny cracks. When it does, it’s like this giant ray of sunshine.
That right there is Tully.
But he’s only a small part of Reaper Made. You see, Long crafted this amazing world full of Shifters, Reapers, Angels, Witches (surprise, surprise) and Frat Boys. Complex characters who have depth and flaws and Oh My Glob I know he’s a douche but please don’t hurt him because I feel kind of bad for his shitty lot in life. No seriously, the good guys can make you want to throttle them while the bad guys are being kind of charming.
It’s chaos.
But, like, the best kind of chaos.
And while you’re on this wild ride, you’re watching Grace try to be the best damn reaper she can be. The thing is, she’s also a young woman who never really had a chance at life. I want you to think about that while you’re reading. Partially because I’m a closet sadist and want your heart to break at the lost possibilities of a life cut tragically short.
(Do not cry while writing a review, Ginny. Keep it together, GDI)
Once again, Long has crafted an amazing supernatural mystery that keeps you turning pages until the very end.
And hoping that everything ends up okay for Tully.
I seriously loved Tully.

I forgot the demons!
Which seems pretty incredible, since the demons were so freaky I didn’t sleep for like, two days after finishing the story. Officially my favorite creepy critter from any of Long’s books.
Ginny New 2
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The review copy of A Reaper Made was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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