REVIEW by Trish: The Convict and the Captive (The Slayer and the Sphinx #2) by Adam Bolander (@adambolander1)

714PUBCS+4L._SL1500_The Adventure Continues! After their close call at the Historian’s Tower, Porter, Sarah, and Tick continue on their journey to Jellaska Kob Lertan. But danger and treachery run rampant in the Dwarf City as an old enemy returns to take his revenge on Porter. Now Sarah is expected to testify against him in a court of law, but unfamiliar feelings are beginning to appear in the young sphinx’s heart, feelings that will change her and Porter’s relationship forever. And unbeknownst to any of them, the Slayers are closing in once more.

The adventure continues for Porter and Sarah. Behind them lay ruins and enemies, but the line between enemy and friend is shaded with gray. Ozzie is closing in, but discovers some disturbing things about himself and the Slayers in the process. Other Porter is conflicted as well, particularly with regard to Sarah. And Porter finds himself caught up in an unexpected rescue mission, a quest to save someone he never thought would need to be rescued.
I found this installment to be excellent, and I loved how a hint of Final Fantasy inspiration glimmers through without turning the story into fan fic. The depth of the story, the complexity of the characters and the humanity glimmering through even those who seem to be on the wrong side all make this a worthy read. I’m also impressed with the action and fight sequences; they are described well without being over done and make you feel like you’re there. Compared to book one, book two seems a bit more polished.
On the downside, Porter and Sarah’s burgeoning love, while foreshadowed and therefore expected, seems to fall into place a little too easily. Plus, there’s a glimmer of love triangle, and perhaps even love quadrangle. I’m not sure this serves much purpose, particularly since it’s obvious who Sarah will choose, and a love triangle without purpose is kind of a let down. But, there’s one more book, so perhaps it will find a purpose there.
Overall, I really liked this story and would recommend it to fans of fantasy who want something a bit unique. Those who enjoy playing Final Fantasy games might enjoy looking for the glimmers that speak of the author’s shared fandom: the combination of magic and technology, the epic nature of the battle of good vs. evil, and the complexity and humanity of the characters, even those that seem bad at first.
The review copy of this book was received from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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