REVIEW by Trish: Singe (Hailey Holloway #2) by K.C. Stewart

singeHailey has been taken.

She was alive and had a dragon boyfriend with a shiny new body. Life was fantastic. Or it was until she was drugged and pulled right off the street. Hailey finds herself no match for the supernatural world. Will Dak come after her or did their latest battle of arrogance verses stubbornness ruin her chances of rescue?

Dacea has two Mates.

Word of his return was making its way through the dragon world and all the way to his runaway Mate. After hundreds of years of searching and wondering, Katherine was back and making herself at home. Dacea is stretched thin as he looks for Hailey and attempts to keep Katherine from moving in.

Silas has a secret.

His mind is set and he’ll tear through whatever gets in his way. With a little more research he hopes to have his suspicions confirmed. And when they are, his discovery will change everything.

Singe is the sequel to Spark and picks up a week or so after the first book ends. Hailey has recovered and is thrilled to have Dak out of her head and into his own, brand new body. Meanwhile their old enemy, Silas, is not out of the count. The reasons for his odd behavior in book one become clear as the story unfolds, but he’s not working alone. An old flame, a tragic history, and the continuing struggle for true love in the face of danger and adversity build this story into one that’s hard to forget.

Let me start off by saying I liked the level of complexity built into the plot, particularly around Silas’ character arc. It’s one of those situations that the villain is given a soul and we are given a window into it. He’s definitely evil, but there are glimmers of good, so deeply buried that Silas himself cannot reconcile himself with them. Then there’s Alex. I really like him and how he’s woven into the story and made part of the unofficial family that formed in the previous book. It’s a little out of character how he came to be where Hailey meets him, but it’s all linking back to the Silas character building. Hence, the complexity. The story sets up for a book three quite well.

As for Dak and Hailey’s relationship, I found myself pretty confused in the beginning. There was a level of hostility and disregard for each other that I did not expect after the way things were going in Spark. It was incongruent and kind of shocking, hard to reconcile the mega-sized wrench that was tossed in the gears. Plus, after just witnessing a rather messy argument, I am just not feeling it when the two jump right into getting it on. Also, the story starts off with an abundance of crude language, talking dirty, cussing aloud and in thoughts, that sort of thing. I don’t mind that in small doses, but it seems out of place when paired with the quirky and lighthearted humor that is one of my favorite features of this and the previous book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but it kind of shocked me in places. I would recommend this to fans of YA/NA urban fantasy. Readers who prefer a cleaner read may not find this to their liking, while those who prefer edgy and sexy fiction will probably find it right up their alley. I wouldn’t recommend this to younger readers due to the violent and sexual content.

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The review copy of this book was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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