REVIEW by Trish: Touch by Natalia Jaster

touchThe myth of Eros isn’t the truth. Her story is the truth . . .

Love is an immortal bad girl. With a strike of her arrow and a smirk on her face, she pins human hearts together against their will. It’s for their own good, of course—silly, clueless creatures that they are.

But Love has never loved. Not until the Fates parcel her off to a small, frostbitten town littered with needy souls. Not until she crosses paths with Andrew, a crippled boy whose gaze locks onto hers. Yet how can this be? Mortals don’t have the power to see deities.

The longer they’re friends, the more Love wishes she could touch Andrew. In gentle ways. In other tempting and reckless ways as well.

It’s impossible. She isn’t a true part of his world. She’s an outsider whose fingers will only ever sweep through him. A mischievous, invisible goddess who’s destined to be alone. And he’s destined for someone else. By order of the Fates, it’s Love’s duty to betray his trust. To seal his heart while ignoring the gash in her own.

Or she could become human. For there is one very tricky, very dangerous way to do so.

If only Andrew felt the same about her, it might be worth the risk.

*Mature YA: sexual content and language. Intended for readers 17 and older*


Flighty and fickle, determined, bored, and curious, Love and her arrows have the power to match people in a perfect love or bury love forever. She’s good at her job, but she’s alone among the humans she matches. She’s never felt love. This doesn’t truly bother her beyond sparking a bit of curiosity until one day when she meets Andrew. Curiosity blooms into something more, something elusive and bittersweet, for The Fates have something very specific in mind for Andrew.

The idea of a love goddess unable to find love for herself was what drew me to this story. I love how Love grows in the story, learning about herself and just how unnecessary her assistance is in the greater scheme of things. Her growing connection to Andrew, despite her mission, kept me on edge. The emotions of envy, sorrow, wonder, and even anger, personified in her fellow gods and goddesses, slowly invade Love’s heart as the day she must choose Andrew’s ultimate fate nears. And it isn’t only his fate she must decide, but her own as well.

I also loved the element of touch, or lack of it, and how it’s tied into everything. I must say this book has one of the most beautiful treatments of loving touch and intimacy that I’ve come across. The language use is phenomenal. The images, the feelings, and the sensations the words invoke are raw and pure. This is one of those few times I found myself emotionally connected to the characters in a story. I felt as though I was experiencing everything alongside them.

The story is intended for the 17+ crowd. Besides the beautiful language, Love is obsessed with physical love, and there are plenty of places that either reference the act or describe it in detail. Again, I think this was fantastically done, classy and focusing on the deeper connections intimacy brings.

Overall, I loved Touch. It is emotionally engrossing and beautifully executed. The themes of love, of touch, of friendship and of selflessness are woven into the story flawlessly. I think that people who enjoy mature YA paranormal romance will love this book, particularly if they like to read a story with a deeper meaning, with fuel for thought and perhaps even for personal growth. It’s an incredibly poignant piece of work, while still being lighthearted and fun to read.

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The review copy of Touch was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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