REVIEW by Jena: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven by Corey Taylor (@CoreyTaylorRock)

Funny thing(Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process)

In this book, Corey Taylor undertakes something never before attempted in the history of rock superstardom: he takes you with him as he journeys undercover through various ghostbusting groups who do their best to gather information and evidence about the existence of spirits. Some are more credible than others, and, frankly, some are completely insane, but all are observed with appropriate seriousness as Taylor attempts to better understand some of the spooky things that have happened to him in his life, especially that night at the Cold House.

But that’s not all, folks. Taylor once again gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of his crazy life and the many beyond-the-grave events he’s encountered. (You’ll be shocked how often Slipknot has been invaded by the supernatural.) Taylor also touches on his religious background and how it led him to believe in much more than the Man in the Sky.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: (Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process)
by Corey Taylor



Da Capo Press

Publication Date:
July 16, 2013


I went into this book not really knowing what to expect. I had read Taylor’s first books Seven Deadly Sins and House of Gold and Bones and loved both, so, I figured I would give this one a shot.  None of Taylor’s books are *anything* alike, so, if you’ve read the others, trust me when I say this is nothing like those.

The premise of the book is Taylor taking a look at the paranormal and contemplating the questions we all wonder about at some point. Are ghosts real? Is there existence of life after death? What happens to our “soul” when we pass?

The book is written very well. It’s littered with Taylor’s signature biting sarcasm and wit, but is also approached from a very serious viewpoint. The subject matter is obviously not a joke to Taylor, yet he also maintains objectivity when looking at the evidence he presents.

The book does not try to shove the paranormal down your throat. Taylor presents it as: “Here is what I have experienced. Here’s what it could be. Here’s what I’ve ruled out. Now you decide.” The objective nature of the book allows the reader to make up their own mind, all while spinning tales of Taylor’s own experiences throughout his life. I won’t lie, there are a few stories in this book that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

One of my absolute favorite parts of this book is the end. I don’t mean that in a dickish way (i.e. – so glad it’s over!). Toward the end of the book, Taylor reveals to the audience his own theories and I was blown away by how closely they match my own. If you’re a science geek like yours truly, you know that energy can never be destroyed, only transferred. Think about that and just imagine the possibilities when you think of the human soul as simple energy. Taylor goes into great deal breaking this theory down, and for me, it was the most fascinating part of the book.

For you audio book junkies out there, I purchased my copy of A Funny Thing from Audible. Thus far, Taylor has read all of his own audio books and I LOVE IT when authors do that. As a listener, you get every inflection the author intended, and you hear the tone as it was meant to be read. It makes it a totally different experience and A Funny Thing was no exception.

SIDE NOTE: Other audio books read by their authors that I really enjoyed are Tough Shit by Kevin Smith and the entire Calliope Reaper-Jones series by Amber Benson.

I think most people run on the assumption that most rock stars are mindless drinking machines. For the record, I am not one of said group of people. Taylor has proven time and time again that this is not the case. He’s got a highly intelligent, no bullshit way of looking at things and you can’t help but admire him for it. Seeing him tackle a subject such as the paranormal, a subject that could easily get him ridiculed, and see him turn out such a well-researched piece of art makes me smile.

Overall, A Funny Thing was a great read. The stories he uses to illustrate his points are entertaining and keep the reader hooked. I recently received his next book, You’re Making Me Hate You (release date July 7, 2015; Da Capo Press) from Taylor’s publisher for review and will be losing myself in that this weekend. Release day review to come.

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The review copy of A Funny Thing Happens on the Way to Heaven was purchased by the reviewer.


stone_sour_corey_taylor_524Corey Taylor has got a lot to say, which is precisely why millions affectionately know him as “The Great Big Mouth.”

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman never minces words either on record or on stage, and that’s what’s solidified him as one of hard rock’s most important singers. Corey’s words have helped carry Slipknot and Stone Sour to multi-platinum status, solidifying both bands as veritable pop culture presences. From Slipknot’s Grammy-winning “Before I Forget” to radio hits such as Stone Sour’s “Through Glass”, his voice and lyrics continue to resonate with fans worldwide. However, he’s only begun to truly say what’s on his mind.  

In July 2012, Taylor released his debut novel, Seven Deadly Sins.  In November 2013, he released House of Gold and Bones, the graphic novel/comic book companion story to the Stone Sour double-disc concept album of the same name.  In July 2014, he released A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, and on July 7, 2015, his next book, You’re Making Me Hate You will hit the shelves at a bookstore near you.

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