Here’s some good juju from the #indie #author community for November 19, 2015!

Good morning, all my fellow book lovers!  Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest week in the history of time????  Maybe it’s just me, but I think this week badly needs a heavy dose of good juju.

My last good juju post was at the beginning of last week, so I actually have almost 2 weeks worth of screen shots to share, including one of my own.  <3

As always, if you have some good juju you want us to share, email your screenshot to and we’ll happily share.

Here we go!

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New Books INCOMING!!!!!!

new book coming 2

new book coming (2)

new book coming

new book coming 3




There are still LOTS of authors in our community participating in #NaNoWriMo and they’re doing fantastic.  Maybe you’re feeling like your progress isn’t where it needs to be.  My biggest word of NaNo advice for writers is ignore your word count and just write every day.  If you hit 50k by goal time, great, but for now, just concentrate on the story.  No matter what, know that we’re all here cheering you on!  Here are some writers who are hard at work toward their goal, even one who has already hit it, and some words of encouragement!


nano (4)

nano (3)

nano (2)

nano motivation

nano motivation 2

nano motivation (2)



My Own Little Moment

I don’t usually take up space in the Good Juju posts for my own moments, but this one made me so proud.  🙂  My man cub Ryker just turned 6 years old and has already developed a love of reading.  This week, we were doing our normal pre-bedtime routine of reading a story when this happened:

my juju

As a side note, we followed this up by me explaining to him that I write books, which completely blew his mind.  lol  Anyway, on with the good juju!  😉



You Have NO Idea

From all of us writers to all of you readers everywhere:  THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO US.  Thank you!




I…….I *Think* That Might Be Sarcasm……..




#BookNerd Problems

model love




I’m thankful for all of you!!!  *smooches*  What are you thankful for???  

author appreciation

author appreciation (4)

author appreciation (2)

author appreciation (3)



Congrats on Another Successful Release Day!




Wait.  What Were We Talking About????

A few goodies from Furious Fotog!  Alfie Gordillo, Joshua Sean McCann and Furious Fotog are all going to be at Rock & Read in Las Vegas this January!  I cant wait!!!

furious 1

Furious 2



Inspire and Be Inspired!

inspiration Inspiration (2) inspiration (3)(I’m aware that Andrew W.K. isn’t really part of our indie community,
but he’s a great page to follow if you need lots of positive vibes in your life.)  

inspiration inspiration 2

That’s it for today, loves!  Dont forget to spread the positivity through our community in everything you do!  Support each other!  Love each other!

As always, if you have some good juju you want us to share, email your screenshot to and we’ll happily share.

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  1. Fabulous post, Jena. Thank you for the juju! And thank you for sharing mine. If I can inspire one writer to keep going, I’ve done well. Happy Writing Everyone. <3

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