REVIEW by Trish: The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood by Henderson Smith (@hendersonwrites)

The Ugly PrincessWhat would you give up to be beautiful? I don’t mean attractive, or pretty or any other term you could conjure up to describe that thing most women seek to be or most men seek to be with. I mean staggeringly beautiful, men falling at your feet with hopeless adoration as they gaze upon you dumbfounded. That beautiful. I could become that beautiful if I chose, but only with a steep price. Would you pay the price? Does that call to your heart?
It doesn’t call to mine. Yes, when I look at the girl in the mirror, I see a young woman of average height and slight build. I see her lovely emerald green eyes and I see her coarse, orange hair poking out in all directions like some unnatural haystack. I see the forty-seven warts that line her face, which accompany one large lump and two small boils. You’d probably think that I would be more than eager to trade for the great gift of beauty because I know some, if not all of you, would call me hideous. But I don’t think of myself as ugly.
I think of myself as powerful, strong and fierce – for I have magical powers – powers that amaze and terrify me at times. And today is the most important day of my life, because today my mother will say the words over me and seal my fate. For I, Olive, am the last of the Winnowwood and this is my story.
Based on the award winning screenplay of the same name, The Ugly Princess will take you on an amazing adventure filled with twists, turns and an ending that will take your breath away because it is also a love story of the most unusual, magical kind.


The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood
by Henderson Smith
n/a; standalone
Young Adult
Publication Date
April 18, 2016
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Wow, just wow. This is a fantastic fairytale with a wonderful and unexpected twist. The princess does the saving. The ugly princess is, in a word, beautiful. Not on the outside, definitely the opposite, but on the inside. A heroine I couldn’t help but love and root for.
This is what drew me to the story. The magic that the Winnowwoods use, powerful and potentially devastating, comes at a price all but the very last is willing to pay, and a curse meant to end their kind is the only remedy.
It’s a complex story, but told in a straightforward way from the perspective of the princess herself. It’s funny, exciting, and heartbreaking in turns. Just really fun to read, and I suspect, to re-read.
Overall, I loved this story. I strongly recommend this one for folks who love fantasy and those who love fairytales. It was much more than I was expecting it to be.
Trish Finished
The review copy of this book was purchased by the reviewer.
About Henderson Smith
I grew up as a military brat who travelled the world with my family. We moved 10 times before I was 12. Given that transient lifestyle, I had very few friends and I was quite shy. It always took some time to warm up to new surroundings and by the time I did, we were off to our next assignment. Books became my best friends and I lost myself to them. The wonderful adventures and magical realms of possibility were so appealing to my quiet existence. I really became a fan of fairy tales; I think most little girls do. It’s fun to think of yourself as having magical powers and living a magical life. As time went on, however, I became a bit disillusioned with fairy tales as all of the princesses who were the stars of the story were beautiful. I was not beautiful. Did that mean I was not entitled to have these amazing adventures because I did not have the right face? It always troubled me. As an adult, I finally wrote the fairy tale that I wanted to see: a magical princess who was brave and kind and amazing and smart, but not beautiful. In fact, she is rather ugly. But this ugly princess is the most amazing heroine and the one I had always wanted to read about. Now, you can. I hope you love the amazing Olive and the bravest princess whose heart is far more beautiful than anyone else’s face.
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