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They are the forgotten girls. The lost ones with haunted eyes wandering the gritty streets of San Francisco.

Gia Santella, long experienced in fighting her own demons — is drawn into a battle for the girl’s very lives.

The vigilante heiress discovers that more than bad choices are to blame for the girls’ circumstances.

Gia is soon engulfed in a world dark with betrayal and abuse. As she fights to stop the injustice, she finds she must also face her own dark, tormenting guilt if she has any chance of saving anyone else.

After falling into the darkest pit of despair yet, Gia questions how she can save the girls when she can’t even save herself.

Day of the Dead is a gripping, fast-paced, suspenseful thriller! If you like take-charge heroines, gritty crimes, and twisty plots, you’ll love this book! Get it now to begin the thrill ride.



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