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A college secret. A marriage on the rocks. A shocking murder.

Music becomes Claire Wiley’s only refuge and means of escape after she is orphaned as a child. Now a socially awkward adult, Claire suffers from severe anxiety and is about to give up on her marriage.

Just as she feels the heavy clouds of depression gather once again, Claire hears about a week-long piano intensive at the historic McClure Plantation in South Carolina. When she learns the guest musician will be the world-renowned concert pianist, Leopold Beckenbauer, she dusts off her piano books and reserves a spot.

More than anything, Claire wants to confront her past and put her life on a different track. But she soon discovers other people have secrets from their pasts, too. Secrets worth killing for.

The Murder of Leopold Beckenbauer is a modern whodunit with a colorful cast, a heroine you can root for, and a villain who deserves what he gets.





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