REVIEW by Elley: Sealed With A Kiss by Ariana Nash

“You can have all of me for one night only. Say no, and I’ll leave, but say yes and I’ll give you a night you’ll remember forever.”

As one of the few remaining elven assassins, Eroan Ilanea doesn’t have much time for pleasure. Until a messenger arrives from a nearby village and suddenly pleasure is all he can think about. The kind of pleasure he’s never surrendered to before. The messenger is a tease, a vision of elicit delights, and he’ll be gone in the morning.

This night, Eroan just might say yes…

Sealed with a Kiss is a short, sexy, m/m story that takes places several years before events in the novel Silk & Steel (to be published in 2019). Ariana Nash is a pen name of international bestselling author Pippa DaCosta. Her Ariana Nash books are m/m adult reads.






About the Book

Sealed With a Kiss
by Ariana Nash (pen name of Pippa DaCosta)

Silk & Steel Prequel Story

Romantic Fantasy
LGBTQ Romance (M/M)

Crazy Ace Publishing

Publication Date
November 6, 2018

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Elley’s Review

I adore Pippa DaCosta, so when I heard she was writing (as Ariana Nash) a dark fantasy M/M romance starring some hot elves? Yes please, sign me right the heck up!

This land lost it’s name,
When the dragons came.
In fire and ice and pain,
They spread their reign.
Buried and forgot,
Cities fell to rot.
Now there’s nothing left
For us elves to protect.
~Elven Folk Song

This is a very short novella, and is sort of a flashback episode, if you will, of the time when Eroan’s first time with another male. It’s very steamy, and even though it’s very short it still manages to tell a story and give you a good feel for the type of man (excuse me, male) Eroan is. I love the instant physical connection that Eroan and Trey have, and the brief flights of fantasy they both have about carrying on an actual relationship when their one night is over… and then the sweet brutal heartache of reality setting in. AHHH, the angst! The teenager inside of me put on so much thick black eyeliner and played loud music by bands like Jakalope and Collide while reading this novella. Wallow in the ecstasy in angst, little elven gothlings!

The only thing I didn’t love was the way she kept referring to Trey as “the male” over and over and over. It was really weird, and I guess she didn’t want to say “man” because he’s not human, but it would have been weird if she’d said “the man” so many times as well. I feel like a simple “he” or switching it up with “Trey” or “the messenger” or “the other elf” even would have created some variety and made it less weird to read.

Sealed with a Kiss is book #0.5 in the Silk and Steel series; a short (and steamy!) novella that’s a bit of a teaser into the coming series. I feel like this is the hotter (elven) version of some of Mercedes Lackey’s M/M pairings, like Vanyel in The Last Herald Mage Trilogy and some of the Tayledras couples she wrote about… but way the heck steamier. Also if you love Pippa DaCosta’s other novels, be sure to follow her as she does a genre/costume change and read her under this pen name, Ariana Nash, for all the dark, gritty fantasy, M/M romance hotness. Perfect for fans of dark paranormal romance. Reader beware: this author does NOT pull her punches. She will, in her own words, “chew up your heart, spit it out and dance on the broken pieces.” Be prepared for high levels of angst in this series.

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