REVIEW by Jen: A Coronation Of Kings by S.C. Stokes

Marcus Listar held the Great Families of Valaar in check, until the night he was murdered.

Orphaned and alone, Tristan is left fighting for his life as the Kingdom descends into civil war.

With his world in ashes, Tristan must set aside his grief and become the warrior he was born to be.

As his father’s killer races for the throne, Tristan faces certain death. When the war is over, he who wears the crown will write history.  Will Tristan be remembered as a hero of the people, or will he be hung for high-treason?






About the Book

A Coronation of Kings
by S.C. Stokes

A Kingdom Divided Book One

Young Adult
Action & Adventure


Publication Date
September 25, 2015

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Jen’s Review

I was looking for in a good book in the fantasy genre and this one gave me what I needed. It’s funny– maybe not on par with some of the classics but still a solid book. A CORONATION OF KINGS is a sword and sorcery tale which dabbles in some classic tropes we’re familiar with. Members of a royal/noble family have faked their deaths to keep themselves safe until it’s safe to come out of the woodwork, A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere to help at an opportune time.

In this book, we’re introduced to some interesting characters including Syrion, the younger brother and magical twin to Tristan, a trained warrior and the man who was destined to be the next leader of Listar. It isn’t all roses and fun for the brothers. They’re surrounded by enemies plotting their downfall from birth and their lives are in constant danger. With the help of allies loyal to his fallen father, Tristan sets out to lead a rebellion. Let us hope they’re successful or worse things could be coming their way!

A CORONATION OF KINGS is a good fast-paced read for fans of epic fantasy!

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