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Alpha werewolf, Jarrod Hudson spent years trying to make peace with his single regret—losing his mate, Corrinne Snow. Now, she’s back in town…possibly for good. It’s his golden opportunity to regain what he lost so many years ago, but a slip-up could ruin it all before it begins. With Corrinne so fragile, and their love so strong, Jarrod is at war with himself. He knows they can’t move forward with so much left unsaid between them, but he isn’t ready to risk her walking away again.

With ex-lover Athena Dennison lurking at every turn and the growing unrest in his pack about his lack of heirs, Jarrod has a storm brewing. Is he ready to risk it all this time or is Corrinne right about them and they should let the past stay in the past.

Corrinne Snow had no idea that returning home to help her mother move would open up so many old wounds. Maybe it was because she’s spent the last seven years trying to avoid Jarrod Hudson and anything that reminded her of what she left here with him. Now, fate has intervened. With nowhere to run, Corrinne must face head on all the years she spent mourning a love so true that losing it nearly killed her. Still, her heart tells her there is more to the story. She didn’t notice before, but now it is clear. Jarrod is hiding something big. His secrets have hurt her before, and she isn’t looking for a repeat performance. How will she ever be able to walk away from him this time? The question lingers, but Corrinne still isn’t sure she can stay.

Athena Dennison is looking for the happily ever after she was denied, and she isn’t above a little scheming to get it. Despite what Jarrod Hudson believes, they could be good together. An Alpha werewoman deserves to be an Alpha Werewolf’s wife, and nothing is going to stand in her way. She’d been a fool once, and believed love would prevail. She see’s that same naivety in Jarrod, but he doesn’t know how desperate she is to get what she wants. The more he slips from her fingers, the more trouble she will brew and he would do well to come around soon.

With Jarrod on thin ice with Corrinne and Athena determined to force his hand, this story is bound to spin out of control. One wonder’s what will be the collateral damage in the fray…or rather, who.


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