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When the truth hides beneath a layer of lies, it’s hard to decide what is more important: The truth that’s hidden from the eyes of the world, or the lies piled on top. 

As a Reaper, I never dreamed of what freedom would feel like. To be able to walk down the street without looking over my shoulder, or to even love a man. Or men… 

Gaining a chance at a new life feels like I’ve taken a deep breath of fresh air for the first time ever, my head through the surface as I rejoice at my new living circumstances. Yet, tragedy has a way of dragging one back down, especially when your dream of happiness attempts to become a reality.

Mourning my loss is harder than I could have expected, and it leaves me wondering if freedom is truly worth it. I must decide to either fight for this chance at life or return to what I know as a Reaper of Beauty.

My roommates want the best for me, and before they’ll allow me to try returning to my old ways, they give me a glimpse of what love is. A taste that leads to a dangerous addiction.

The lies won’t end because the truth hasn’t been revealed, and with a new group of enemies after me, it’s time for me to continue the lying game and fight for the sake of remaining free.

Will I survive? Maybe not, but I guess I’ll die trying. 

Let the game continue…One Thousand and Two. 


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