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Sarah knows there has to be more to life than what she is currently doing: working a humdrum life as a real estate assistant for a boss who resents her. Living in St. Neuri has grown predictable and she can’t help but feel as though life could be more than her comfortable routine of work and reading books.

Al of that changes when the mysterious Logan rolls into her life. Hiding out in one of the homes her boss is selling, Sarah instantly feels a pull to this man. But Logan is more than he appears and meeting him pulls Sarah into a world of danger.

Her whole life is turned upside down in just a week and Logan is at the center of it. As she draws ever closer to the werewolf secrets of St. Neuri, Sarah isn’t sure if she will live to tell about it – and if Logan will want anything to do with her when it is all over.

This is a standalone book with no cheating and a HEA ending. 18+ content.





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