REVIEW by J’aime: Feels Like Home by Roberta Ann Roque

Cecilia has loved Will since high school. And that would be fine, except for the fact that he’s been dating her sister for about as long.

Cecilia is a Red Seal Chef and owner of a successful restaurant. In spite of all the material achievements that she could ask for, her life feels empty. She has wanted Will forever but he has always been out of reach. He’s her sister’s boyfriend for goodness sake! That’s all about to change when she goes home for Christmas this year. Cecilia is given a second chance and she finds the courage to risk her heart. But with her mother’s meddling and her sister’s return, Cecilia wonders if there will be a happy ending for her after all.

As an accomplished indie musician, Will has been garnering accolades left, right, and center. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a fantastic apartment in New York, but somehow he feels that he just wants something…more. Something real. As a child growing up in the foster system, the only thing Will has ever really wanted was a home, but is he willing to let go of the safe relationship he has for a chance at the real thing with Cecilia?

When they find themselves thrown together by chance, Cecilia and Will face a choice: stay in their secure, comfortable lives or risk it all for love.

Please note: This is a short, contemporary romance, stand-alone novella for adults 18 and over. In this novella, just like in life, sometimes things get a little hot and steamy, if you don’t like that, then you might want to try a different story. And don’t worry, we hate cliffhangers as much as you do – this novella is guaranteed to come to a satisfying HEA conclusion.


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About the Book

Feels Like Home
by Roberta Ann Roque

Feels Like Romance Book One

Contemporary Romance


Publication Date
February 7, 2015

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J’aime’s Review

I downloaded this a while back, and decided to read it recently, without realizing it was a Christmas story, so this review is a little late for the season. Feels Like Home is a charming contemporary romance novella, with likable characters including a musician hero who won my heart when he baked the heroine’s favorite cookies for her. The heroine’s parents are also entertaining and lovable.

The conflict is all family drama, with no real villain – maybe one character I wanted to smack, but she finally does the right thing. Everyone is happy with the happy ending. The story feels kind of lightweight, but I like a warm fuzzy read once in a while. The point of view switches between the hero and heroine, like most romances, but is unusual in that both are in first person. The dual first person didn’t bother me, but I know some people dislike it.

Recommended if you want one last cozy taste of Christmas decorations and cookie baking before moving into the new year, or if you feel like reading a lighter, shorter contemporary romance with explicit, steamy sex scenes.

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