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A new vampire has come to town…

And, after putting an end to the nightmare that haunted his childhood, Xander Stryker has gotten quite comfortable dealing with vampires, werewolves, and everything else in between. Though they might not have their clan, Xander and his mentor, Marcus, have become a two-vampire force to be reckoned with—upholding Council law and protecting their city from rogue mythos. It’s a long way to come from the self-destructive, lonely boy he’d been only a year before, but of all the changes he’s faced, none has surprised Xander as much as those that seem to be turning his friendship with the spellbinding Estella into something more.

Which only makes things that much worse with the new vampire, who seems eager to rip apart anything tied to the Stryker family name. Stronger, faster, and more brutal than anything they’ve faced before, Xander and Marcus find themselves in a race to save a city that’s become a killing field with Xander’s name all over it… literally.

Just who is this new vampire?

What connections do they hold to Xander’s past?

And will he be strong enough to stop what’s coming?

It will take more than desperation and rage to put an end to this nightmare. Unfortunately, in Xander Stryker’s new life, nightmares have a tendency to fight back…

With all the monster-hunting grit of ‘Supernatural,’ the twisted horror of Stephen King, and character chemistry of JK Rowling, Nathan Squiers’ Crimson Shadow series is one you’ll love to sink your teeth into.


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