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Nike’s lost souls are disappearing, and it’s up to soldier-turned-facilitator Gideon Quinn to find them. 

It’s been two months since Gideon Quinn’s tumultuous arrival in Nike, but he’s already making a name for himself as the city’s first and only private facilitator when an idealistic young medic reports a number of his patients have gone missing.

Gideon takes the case, and soon finds himself tangled in a cruel enterprise fueled by greed and vengeance—one that targets the most vulnerable of Nike’s population.

It’s a smoggy situation that only grows more toxic when the woman Gideon once loved appears, bringing with her the ghosts of what had been, and a missing person of her own.

Now Gideon has no choice but to accept the bitter truth—in order to save the people no one else cares about, he will have to bring home a man he’d as soon see vanished from the face of Fortune.

Fortune’s Fool is the third book of the genre-mashing Fortune Chronicles, and the second featuring fan-favorites, Gideon Quinn, Mia, and Elvis the draco.

If you love engaging characters, visceral action, and banter sharp enough to cut, buy Fortune’s Fool today.




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