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Never underestimate the power of a determined witch.

Letum Wood is a forest of fog and deadfall, home to the quietly famous Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, a place where young witches learn the art of magic.
Sixteen-year-old Bianca Monroe has inherited a deadly curse.

Determined to break free before it kills her, she enrolls in the respected school to confront the cunning witch who cast the curse: Miss Mabel.
Bianca finds herself faced with dark magic she didn’t expect, with lessons more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Will Bianca have the courage to save herself from the curse, or will Miss Mabel’s sinister plan be too powerful?

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls is the first novel in The Network Series, an exciting new fantasy collection. A gripping tale about the struggle to survive, it will take you to a new place and time, one you’ll never want to leave.






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About the Book

Miss Mabel’s School For Girls
by Katie Cross

The Network Series Book One

Young Adult

Antebellum Publishing

Publication Date
March 21, 2014

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J’aime’s Review

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls is a fast-paced YA fantasy in the familiar “magic school” subgenre. As the heroine Bianca is repeatedly warned, “nothing is as it seems,” because the secrets come in layers, both in her backstory and in the school itself.

I enjoyed Bianca’s toughness and her quirks like constantly taking her shoes off. The setting of Miss Mabel’s School and the surrounding woods has its own distinctive flavor, not feeling like a Hogwarts clone, which I also appreciated. Bianca’s two friends are entertaining side characters who are very different from her.

Those virtues were enough to keep me reading, even though for me, Bianca was hard to connect to emotionally in the first third of the book. The author kept a lot of secrets to spring them on us at later moments, which I understand, but there were so many secrets that I felt I didn’t understand Bianca’s motivations for a long time. I felt that if I knew what was at stake for her, I would have been more invested in her story, sooner.

Recommended for fans of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, since it features both a magic school as well as a brave girl protagonist entering a dangerous situation. It’s definitely a first in series book; the ending sets up the next book.

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