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Good rule of thumb: Don’t pick a fight with Bree O’Rylee. She might be over forty and run with a limp, but that doesn’t mean she won’t track you down and drive the tip of her boot right up your . . .

Bree was hoping for a few days off from dealing with monsters, bad guys, or general weirdness that doesn’t fit into a human box of what is supposed to be real.

What she got was a stay in the hospital with an undead roommate and a whole new set of problems that keep rising from the grave.

But her love life is at least on track. Until it’s not. And when it goes sideways, it jumps straight into the drink and sinks to the bottom.

Now, Bree has to put her heart on the back burner as she is offered a major job hunting down the very person causing all the undead to rise. And she has two days to do it before the whole town turns into a scene from the Walking Dead.

Time to pull up your big girl panties and swig a little whiskey. Things are about to get interesting.

MIDLIFE ZOMBIE HUNTER, the fifth full-length novel in the Forty Proof series by USA Today bestselling author Shannon Mayer. 


About the Book

Midlife Zombie Hunter by Shannon Mayer

Series Forty Proof  |  Genre Adult Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Publisher Hijinks Ink Publishing  |  Publication Date June 12, 2021

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