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The only thing more troublesome than the dead is the living…

So, yeah, I’m an investigator for the Congregation now. Not that it’s all that different from being a burglar—I still get paid to invade people’s privacy. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am getting paid but not to do much more than sit on my hands and take workaday cases from the Norms.

But despite the Congregation’s best efforts—or total lack of effort, maybe—a case still manages to fall into my lap. A real case. One full of murder, kidnapping, and horrific things that go bump in the night—and day. The thing is, I can’t tell which is worse this time, the nightmarish murder machines I’m up against or the shadowy organization I supposedly work for…

TAINTED BLOOD, the second full-length novel in the Meredith Bale Mysteries series by DC Malone.





About the Book

Tainted Blood by DC Malone

Series Meredith Bale Mysteries  |  Genre Adult Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Publisher Independent  |  Publication Date June 12, 2021

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