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What’s scarier than hunting demons?
Being bonded to one of them.

Ever since I got involved with the demons, my life has fallen apart.

Now, I’m persona non grata with the mage council. And because of me, my sister is in danger. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m suddenly responsible for protecting two gnome kids.

But it gets worse. I’m learning that everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. And the underhanded demon who bonded with me? Well, he’s convinced he can keep me.

When ancient fae artifacts start going missing, I have to use every trick up my sleeve to locate them. Someone wants to watch the world burn, and if I don’t stop them, every paranormal alive is a target.

Armed with a power I don’t understand, and with a demon I don’t trust by my side, it’s up to me to dodge the people who want me dead and protect my city.

Before Samael loses patience with whoever is hunting me and burns Durham down himself.

DANCE WITH THE DEMON, the second novel in the Deals With Demons series by urban fantasy & paranormal romance author Stacia Stark.

Dance With the Demon by Stacia Stark
SERIES Deals With Demons | GENRE Adult Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHER Independent | PUBLICATION DATE September 24, 2021

STACIA STARK grew up reading fairy tales but she was more interested in the wicked queen’s motivations than whatever problems the innocent princess was facing.

She wondered if the dragons could be tamed, and if the villain was really the villain after all… and why the princess couldn’t run away with him instead.

Stacia has written a free short story: Fool the Demon. This is a prequel/intro to these characters and the Deals with Demons world. Find it here.


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