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Evan is the reclusive librarian of Honeycutt Academy, and a source of curiosity among students and staff—most notably the bubbly potions teacher. With her by their side, Evan is willing to give love another shot and move on from a devastating breakup.

But the discovery of a half-sibling invites trouble into Evan’s quiet life, reuniting them with an old flame and stirring up bitter memories of their past.

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SIENNA EGGLER is a queer and autistic author with a love for campy body horror and black comedy. Two of their biggest fixations for years have been vampires and shifters. They write science fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, with bits of horror sprinkled in. You’ll always find neurodivergent and sapphic leads and supporting casts in their stories.

When not writing, they like to listen to audio dramas, game (mostly visual novels and jrpgs), watch anime, and explore the Cleveland Metroparks with their partner of 5+ years.

They also share their home with a tortoiseshell cat, Lily, who is a part-time bully and full-time lap warmer.

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