New Cozy Mystery Release! KILLER FLOWERS by PJ Peterson

Christie O’Mara is thrilled to finally be living her dream of running her own flower shop. With her grandmother’s legacy guiding her, she sets out to create beautiful floral arrangements and unique gifts for the small town she calls home. But little does she know that her grand opening will be overshadowed by a decades-old murder mystery.

While preparing the shop for its first day of business, Christie stumbles upon a long-lost note hidden within an antique desk. The cryptic message hints at a connection to a murder that took place in the same small town years ago. Intrigued, she begins to dig deeper, hoping to unravel the truth behind the mysterious note while also juggling the demands of her newfound business.

Just as she starts to make progress, Christie receives devastating news: one of her special “flowers with a message” bouquets has been delivered to a customer who is found dead shortly thereafter. Suddenly, her business is under scrutiny, and Christie finds herself at the center of a murder investigation. Determined to clear her name and prove the innocence of her Killer Flowers, she embarks on a quest for the truth with the help of her beloved Aunt Doris and shop cat, Stormy.

KILLER FLOWERS, the first cozy mystery novel in the Christie’s Flower Shoppe series by mystery author PJ Peterson.

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