REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_ : Bring Me Home For Christmas by Robyn Carr (@RCarrWriter)

This year, Becca Timm knows the number one item on her Christmas wish list—getting over Denny Cutler. Three years ago, Denny broke her heart before heading off to war. It’s time she got over her silly college relationship and moved on.

So she takes matters into her own hands and heads up to Virgin River, the rugged little mountain town that Denny calls home, as an uninvited guest on her brother’s men-only hunting weekend. But when an accident turns her impromptu visit into an extended stay, Becca finds herself stranded in Virgin River. With Denny. In very close quarters.

As the power of Christmas envelops the little town, Becca discovers that the boy she once loved has become a strong and confident man. And the most delicious Christmas present she can imagine.



Ok, so Robyn Carr:  a couple of years ago, I ran to Borders really quick to get a new book to read cuz Hubbs was going to be working that night.  None of my “usual” authors had anything out (in stock) that I hadn’t already read, so I decided to try Robyn Carr’s Virgin River.  I was NOT disappointed.  At all.  Robyn paints a VERY vivid picture of this little mountain town and all the characters in it.  So much so that you find yourself actually wanting to move there!  Too bad its a fictional town.  However, Virgin River is the 1st in a long series (there are 16 Virgin River books right now, with 17-19 to be released in early 2012) so you can keep “visiting”.  I know….some of you may think that is WAY too many books for a series, however Robyn does a great job of introducing new characters but also keeping in touch with everyone from the previous books.  I won’t go back and review ALL books in the series, however, pick up Virgin River….if you like it, you’ll definitely want to finish the series!

This brings me to the 16th book, Bring Me Home for Christmas.  Ok, so even if I wasn’t a sap for Christmas movies (even cheesy ones….thanks, Hallmark channel!) and books I would love this one.  Robyn introduces Becca Timm and her twin brother, Rich.  Becca invades an all-guy hunting fishing trip so that she can see her ex, Denny, who broke up with her before re-enlisting into the Marines after his Mom dies.  Things don’t go exactly as she plans (I won’t give away what happens), and she ends up having to stay in Virgin River, despite thinking it was a dumpy little place.  After a few days, she comes to see the town and people in it, and grows to love it as she helps out in a town emergency.  Is it enough to keep her there, or will she go back to her life by the beach in San Diego?



I can’t wait until Hidden Summit comes out in January…you can bet I’ll be buying it first thing!  🙂


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