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Dear Reader,
I’ve been wishing for a miracle for my oldest boy, Stone, and this Christmas my prayers might just be answered!Her name is Lark, and she’s here in Last Chance, looking into her father’s past-and stirring up a whole mess of trouble without meaning to. As the chief of police, Stone sure has his hands full trying to keep up with her. Ever since his wife died, Stone’s put everything into raising his daughters and dodging the Christ Church Ladies’ Auxiliary matchmakers. And it’s clear Lark has been through some trouble and could use a place to finally call home. I only hope Stone can let go of the past soon enough to keep her . . .
Goodness, I need to stop talking and finish up Jane’s highlights so we can make the town tree-lighting. You come back by because the Cut ‘n’ Curl’s got hot rollers, free coffee, fresh-baked Christmas cookies-and the best gossip in town.

See you real soon,
Ruby Rhodes

last chance christmas

I have been waiting so long for Stone’s story!!  He is a miserable, lonely grump in all the stories, and I was really anxious for some background on him, and to see who the incredible woman would be that could break him out of his shell.  Because let’s face it….it will take someone incredible to get through all that hostility.

Stone lost his wife, years ago.  Ever since then, he concentrates solely on work.  He even leaves most of the care of his two daughters up to his mom.  His family can’t get through to him, and he doesn’t really have any friends.  If he isn’t on the job, he’s out fishing.  He met, loved, and lost his sole mate so he doesn’t need to look for another woman, since Miriam Randall predicted who he would marry, and that was Sharon.  Or was it?

Lark is in Last Chance but has no idea why.  Her dad never talked about the place, except to say he “found himself” there.  Unfortunately, she is extremely unwelcome in town since there are some secrets that people want to stay in the past; Stone, and most of the other locals want her gone….now.  Lark made a promise to her dad though, and those secrets can’t stand in her way of that.  Hopefully she can get it all taken care of before she has to leave for her next assignment in Africa.

I really loved this book!  One of my fav’s in the series, actually.  We catch up with characters from previous books, meet some new characters, and deal with some serious issues, such as racism and bullying.  While the books are ALL a bit too “religious” for my taste, that doesn’t detract from the story.  Actually, I don’t think the story would be half as good without that aspect.  Anyways, if you’re like me and aren’t on the religious side, please don’t let that stop you from reading the book(s), because you will definitely miss out on a good story!

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I give Last Chance Christmas 4 Heels!

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