REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_ : A Town Called Valentine by Emily Cane

Welcome to Valentine Valley–where broken hearts come home to mend, and true love may lie just across the range . . .
Emily Murphy never thought she’d return to her mom’s rustic hometown in the Colorado Mountains. But after her marriage in San Francisco falls apart, leaving her penniless and heartsick, she returns to her old family home to find a new direction for her life. On her first night back, though, a steamy encounter with handsome rancher Nate Thalberg is not the fresh start she had in mind . . . 
Nate has good reason not to trust the determined beauty who just waltzed into town–he’s no stranger to betrayal. Besides, she’s only there to sell her family’s old property and move back out. But as Nate and Emily begin working side-by-side to restore her time-worn building and old family secrets change Emily’s perception of herself, both are about to learn how difficult it is to hide from love in a place known far and wide for romance, family ties, and happily-ever-afters: a town called Valentine.
 I was in my local used book store, looking for a bunch of books (I have a PILE of books that I can’t read, as they are not the 1st in a series, so I need to get the 1st books…..I HATE reading series out of order.  Drives me batty.) when I saw the cover for A Town Called Valentine in the new release section (the used bookstore also sells new books) Sounded good, so I added it to my pile (and I STILL didn’t get any of the “1st” books I needed.  Grrr).
Anyways!  A Town Called Valentine is Emma Cane’s debut novel.  I must say… was an excellent start!  Emily Murphy takes what she expects to be a relatively short trip from San Fransisco to Valentine Valley after her mother passes away to sell the store her mother owned.  She’ll sell the building and go back to San Fran to finish college and adopt a baby.  Well, she arrives in town on a rainy night and she’s hungry.  She stops in a local bar/restaurant for a quick bite to eat.  She doesn’t expect to see a gorgeous cowboy.  Neither does she expect to make out with him….at the bar…on a pool table!
Nate is just at the bar for a couple beers to relax. His plan goes awry after seeing a beautiful stranger.  After bringing her into the back room for a game of pool (and some serious kissing ON the pool table) he ends up having to take her into town, since her car won’t start.  Even worse, he has to take her to his Grandmother’s house to stay, since the building that Emily’s mother owned is a complete wreck, and without heat or electricity.  
Emily and Nate have no intention of getting involved or becoming friends; however multiple situations keep them from staying apart for very long.  Emily wants to do everything herself, but having no knowledge on DIY and limited funds, she has little choice to accept help from Nate and other friends she quickly makes in town.   
Emma Cane vividly portrays the town and characters in this book.  She makes you want to visit the place and befriend the characters.  I LOVE when authors can do that!  I definitely look forward to reading the next book in this series when it comes out!

I give A Town Called Valentine 4 1/2 Heels.

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