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Tha Last ManFarris did not believe in the old stories. Grandmother Rochette spoke of such strange things: monsters and magic and impossible heroes who could only exist in legend. But when Tom, her little brother, is kidnapped by the same monsters Grandmother spoke of, Farris is forced to change her view of reality in order to save him.
Following Tom and his captors sends Farris below the crust of the earth, where layer after layer of new worlds await. She travels both within the mind and without, taking a path of harrowing adventure and personal enlightenment as she tries to free Tom. Unlikely companions join her, from her faithful goat Bumble to Gloria the magical fish, a seemingly trustworthy dweller of the Brass City, and Sasha … a man who knows far more about her than he should.
THE LAST MAN is the first volume in a trilogy of young adult fantasy adventures sure to delight fans of C.S. Lewis and Phillip Pullman.


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The Last Man
by Tobias Wade
The Last Man Trilogy #1
Young Adult
Incandescent Phoenix Books
Publication Date
January 30, 2016
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(Regular Kindle Price $4.99)
I like the span of generations that this captured. Tom is turning 13 and still believes in the tales that grandmother tells him. His sister, Farris, is 16 and experiencing love for the first time. I truly liked the opening pages of this novel, with the introduction of the characters, wit and then the sudden reaction to a natural disaster.
The Wyd sisters and their swapping of mouth and eye is a surreal and humorous part of the book that balances out well with the scattered, chaos ridden events. Although later on in the book, it is the craziness that over balances the narrative and perhaps a change in genre would be beneficial because I was not expecting this to be as surrealist as it is.
The subtle romance of Farris and Sasha is enjoyable and I felt more for Sasha than anybody else at this point. It doesn’t take up a huge part of the book, but is important.
I do not like Farris. She has many dislikeable character traits.
It felt like a sleepy novel, everything set out just so and meticulous to the last detail. In this regard it also felt like the novel went on forever and only for the reader to be left wanting.
If you like the film Labyrinth, or the book Alice In Wonderland, or have an interest in the fantasy genre, then you will like this.

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About Tobias Wade

Tobias WadeI traveled the world in my youth with my father, assisting in managing international antiquarian book fairs and gathering inspiration for my future writing. In school I earned my double bachelor of science in psychology and physiology, working as a behavioral neuroscientist. After graduation from the University of Arizona in 2012, I directed my full attention toward writing. THE FIRST MAN is my first published novel, preceded in publication by several short stories and a coauthored neuroscience paper. The sequel is written and approved for publication with an anticipated release of spring 2015.

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