REVIEW by Beth: The Monster Within by Lola Rayne (@RayneLola , @BunnyBethA)

Sometimes the monster that haunted you as a child truly is real…

All it took was one phone call to bring Nicole Jones’s life crumbling down around her. Now a nightmare she thought she’d left in her past is back, and he’s not exactly bringing her candy and flowers. While fleeing, in a non-terrified fashion, she meets a menacing man in a dark alley. Then promptly passes out at his feet. Gideon Evans hasn’t exactly been having the best run of luck, but all that changes when a buxom little blonde collapses right in front of him. Or at least he thinks it has. It doesn’t take him long to realize that bombshell is an appropriate description for more than just her looks. Now he’s facing several problems, including a surprising enemy, his own dark past, and a rather inconvenient case of lust.

Can they work together to battle the nightmare that’s chasing them? Or will they succumb to the monster within?

Okay, I finally tore myself away from The Vampire Diaries on Netflix long enough to finish one book.
And I’m glad to have chosen The Monster Within.
Where do I begin?
Let’s start with the characters–Nicole is a sassy bitch, a warrior woman with a smart mouth, but also vulnerable.  Nicole’s got a job she hates, but something far worse than a sucky way to get a paycheck is about to happen to her–a man, a devil she thought was dead, is coming for her.
Then Gideon comes into Nicole’s life (in more ways than one–ha!), and suddenly her life gets a lot more complicated! When Nicole and Gideon meet, you gotta read what happens. I’m not going to spoil it for you, folks, but this creaky old grandma needed a cold shower in between reading passages of this book.
Yowzer! I would like to see this relationship developed more, in future books, with a little less sex and more scenes relevant to the story of the bad ass trying to get Nicole. We know how they make whoopie together, I would like to see how they battle the devil together. There are other characters introduced in the story, Nicole’s protector Monty and Gideon’s squadron. I can’t wait to know more about them as well.
I love the author’s use of humor, her descriptions of the lust between Nicole and Gideon, and the way the characters interact with one another. The dialogue is fresh and snappy, moving the story along nicely. The reader is given just enough backstory to begin understanding what happened to Nicole, making this reader want to know more. The sex is HOT (but I’ve said that before, I know).
Lola Rayne gave me a glimpse of a supernatural world, marvelously flawed and human heroes, and a lowdown dirty scoundrel. I want to know more.
I’m giving The Monster Within 4 stars, ****, hell yeah you should read this novella.

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