Review by CC: Forbidden Mind (Forbidden #1) by Kimberly Kinrade (@KimberlyKinrade, @RestlessReader)

She reads minds.
He controls minds.
Together, they might get out alive.
49% of Americans believe their government officials are honest.
I don’t know these officials, or their supporters, but I know their secrets, and 49% of Americans are wrong.
My employers pay me well to be right, to know things others can’t. But I don’t know why they brought that boy in, strapped to a stretcher, barely conscious. He asked me for help when I could give none.
I’m a wealthy spy, a talented artist, a martial arts black belt, and a prisoner.
They tell me that on my eighteenth birthday, I will be released, free to go to the college of my dreams.
It’s my eighteenth birthday, and a man in black is at my door. I know he’s not here to free me.
I know, because I can read minds.
My name is Sam, and this is my story.

The Forbidden Mind is a journey of love, action, and suspense. Alternating between Sam and Drake’s views you get to see their perspectives and how their paths intertwine. Although reminiscent of X-Men the Forbidden Mind carves out its own rightful place in fantasy with its unique qualities. Sam has the power to read people’s minds and her ability develops throughout the entire book and it’s really fun to see her progression. At first I was a little wary of Sam because she didn’t seem to have much of a backbone but as things start to move along she starts holding her own. & Let me just say I love strong female heroines, and the way things shape up in this book she’s well on her way to becoming one.

Then there’s Drake.. a spicy hot surfer boy who also has an enviable ability..or a few. His power is the ability to control minds and the additional power of superhuman strength. What a sexy combination of gifts – get anyone to do whatever you want and then lift up a car for fun, yeah – awesome. That’s what I imagine his life is like…at least up until you read about his past which is some seriously dark sh**. I kept holding my breath while reading because there are a lot of I-can’t-believe-that-actually-happened-oh-my-god moments. LOVED how Sam and Drake team up and become a force to be reckoned with; they’re totally complimentary of each other in so many ways.

Another thing I liked was the modern world aspect with special facilities that houses people with para-powers. The facility called Rent-A-Kid has a campus, medical building, shops, cafes etc. It’s almost like a Dystopian novel within the fantasy genre, it does such a great job of blending these elements seamlessly together. Pretty much like a world within a world and it’s soo cool.

There are a couple of intense scenes that might make you cringe at the violence of it so BEWARE. Some topics mentioned are child pornography, abuse along with other dark subject matter. This series is YA but it’s probably more suitable for ages 16+. However, it’s very compelling and twists into an unexpected and very interesting plot. Forbidden Mind lures you into its web of espionage and super wicked para-powers. It’s different, imaginative and suspensefully thrilling. Usually I have a great sense for finding good books and then I came across the Forbidden Trilogy…and I wish I had discovered it SO MUCH sooner. I enjoyed this first book A LOT. Kimberly Kinrade proves that she can turn a clichéd super-power story into something different and darkly entertaining! Everyone should pick up this series because a.) you won’t be able to put it down, and b.) because I’ve read best-sellers that aren’t even in Forbidden Mind’s league!

My ONLY real issue is I’m not really in love with the covers, they look good but they’re not really befitting of the Forbidden Trilogy. I’d love to see Sam or Drake on the cover and I don’t, but other than that minor detail the contents of the book are extraordinarily amazing and speaks for itself.

4 Stars!


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