REVIEW by Beth: Bad Blood (Bad Blood #1) by Ginny Lurcock – Released TODAY! (@bunnybetha , @GinnyLurcock)

High school senior Victoria “Tori” Reeve has it pretty good. She’s rich, she’s smart, and she’s popular. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, she’s a little lonely, what with being single and her best friend going off to college and all, but she’s got her work at the Spaulding Crisis Center to keep her busy. When she gets a new boss in the very easy on the eyes form of Isaac Larsen, suddenly her volunteer work feels a lot less like work. Even if he does seem to cause Tori to break out into spontaneous fits of foot in mouth disease. Somehow in spite of her blunderitis, Isaac still seems to be interested in her in a more-than-employer or even more-than-friends kind of way.

So really she should have known that things would go sideways.

Trouble comes to Spaulding, and that trouble seems to be centered on Tori and the Crisis Center. Is she really the focus? Or does this all have to do with the new mysterious man in her life? In her efforts to find out, Tori stumbles across some secrets. Skeletons that might have been better off left in the closet. As it turns out, Spaulding is a hot spot for bad blood…

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I always enjoy reading books authored by one of our Pure Textuality family! Ginny’s character Tori is my favorite kind of heroine: Sassy and mouthy, not afraid to express her disgust/anger/sarcasm or lust (well, Tori struggles with this last one a bit, but cut her some slack, okay?). Tori’s concept of reality is about to undergo a radical shift, and she’s struggling with raging hormones, a new boss who is hot and sexy, a trio of trippy girlfriends, absent parents, and her best friend Drew (who’s also a primo hunk, btw). And all of a sudden, danger worms its way into Tori’s life.

Our Ginny builds her story slowly and carefully in Bad Blood, and as I was reading along I was wondering what the bloody HELL was going on. Not in a way that made me want to stop reading. On the contrary, I had to keep plugging away at this because I just had to know what was going to come next. The story kept building, so that I was sure the shit was going to hit that damn fan any time, but how? And when? Ginny uses dialogue to keep her story moving along nicely, and Tori’s got some great one-liners that kept me chuckling as the story progressed (reminding me of author Ginny’s ability to turn a phrase and use snark to get her point across). Tori is a younger version of Ginny (sorry Ginny), but I could visualize Ginny handling this situation the way Tori does.

And then, when I thought I could not stand the suspense any longer, Ginny unleashed a six-pack of story whoopee on me and I was hooked. If I give you any hints about the way Tori’s story unfolds, I will ruin the suspense. Really. Use your imagination, okay? The title is Bad Blood. So–are there vampires in this story?  Ginny’s explanation of Bad Blood is creative and kind of fun, not the usual vampire fare. Bad Blood has some twists and turns to it, some villains, some assholes (like Tori’s father), and the unlikely character who emerges as Tori’s best friend. I got a little grumpy with Tori, at times, because she wasn’t listening to her feelings; she was ignoring what the hell was right in front of her. But don’t we all do that sometimes, by choosing not to acknowledge our feelings? But it’s Tori’s story, Tori’s hormones, and she needs to find her own way, right? Right.

I know, I’m being cryptic here, but if I give too much away you will have no need to read Bad Blood, and I want you to have the chance to read this great story. It’s funny, sexy, dangerous, sexy, and I’m hoping it’s the start of a series of dangerous adventures for Tori and her gang. The evil characters are real bad asses and one character is just plain creepy.  And I think that Tori’s mom is a character to watch–her back story is complex, and I think that Ginny has just scratched the surface of this character’s potential.

That’s it.

No more hints.

Read Bad Blood, and let me know what you think!

Five stars ***** for Bad Blood.

And Ginny, are you writing the next Tori adventure now?

Write faster please.


Beth New

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