RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Temptation in Shadows by Gena Showalter (@genashowalter , @Mollykatie112)

Originally released as part of THE BODYGUARD anthology, fall under the spell of Gena Showalter’s paranormal romantic suspense novella “Temptation in Shadows.” Every day he puts his life on the line, what will happen when it’s his heart in jeopardy?
Tall, lean, muscular—and definitely rough around the edges—Sean Walker is not your typical nightclub bodyguard. He’s a controller of shadows, able to wield darkness at will. But when a mysterious woman at the club turns out to have powers greater than his own, he has no choice but seduction…
Now exclusive as a standalone e-title, read the sexy story that captivate readers from New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter.
Temptation in Shadows

Okay I am going to admit that I had never read anything by Gena Showater until now. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Admittedly, this was a really short piece of work by this author and actually I am shocked it was only 83 pages long. The reason for this is because the author managed to tell a fully realized story in that just that many pages. I should tell you that it was originally published in an anthology titled, The Bodyguard. I received this novella from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
What I liked about this novella:
The Story:
Gabby has been on the run for most of her life. When she was young, she lived on the streets and then was kidnapped by an evil doctor that did experiments on her brain and then let her go. She now has a very sought after ability and not necessarily sought after by the good elements of society. Sean is the bodyguard to the owner of the nightclub where Gabby waits tables. Without spoiling the story, I will just say that Sean is not necessarily who he pretends to be. Nor are most of the people that surround her.

The writing style and characters:
I enjoyed Ms. Showalter’s style of writing and the story she told. I really liked getting to know the characters of Gabby and Sean, and of course their love story. Gabby is feisty, brave, completely closed off to everyone, and with trust issues a mile long. Sean is the total alpha package, with protective instincts, when it comes to Gabby, a mile long. Sean also has a special ability. The question is, is Sean the good guy or is he the villain?

What didn’t I like about this novella:
It wasn’t long enough!

Who would I recommend this novella to:
All adult paranormal romance fans

Now I need to find some time to read more of Ms. Showalter’s books!
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