RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Souls of the Damned (Kat Redding #5) by E.S. Moore (@ES_Moore, @Mollykatie112)

Innocence is relative, and evil is damned hard to kill. . .
Kat Redding would love to take a break from the gruesome, dangerous work of hunting down rogue vampires and werewolves, battling for innocent lives. But there’s no peace for Lady Death. Until Kat’s young charge, Sienna, appears on her doorstep, escaped from the shadow-paradise of Delai. Sienna is weak, confused, desperate–human in the utmost. If Kat is going to have any hope of breaking the hold of Delai, she’ll have to infiltrate the walls around the false sanctuary. And the only way she can do that is to trade in her battle-hardened, bloodthirsty vampire’s body–for Sienna’s human form.
With no weapons but her wits, Kat has to trust a demon, defeat an angel, and wrestle with her own rebel soul–because with all the fear and death she’s conquered, no one has ever offered her another day under a warm yellow sun. . .
souls of the damned

I thought the latest installment of the Kat Redding series was a well written Urban Fantasy. I have only read the last book, and now this one of this series, but I feel like I know the characters now and enjoyed the read. Last time around, the book ended with a cliffhanger that I didn’t understand because I had not read the previous books-not the author’s fault. This time, we don’t have a cliffhanger and for that, I thank the author! Really don’t like cliffhangers!
What I liked about this book:
I really liked the character of Kat, as well as the side characters of Ethan and Jeremy(her roommates), and Jonathan, the werewolf and former clan leader, I liked better this time around. As Kat’s love interest, there wasn’t much going on in the last book, but more happened in the romance department in this book. I know this is UF, but even UF needs some romance at times. Of course that is just my opinion!

And also in the romance department, Ethan actually gets a love interest. I loved that.
The actual plot this time around was pretty different. Not to tell spoilers or anything, but this one involves Ethan’s demon helping Kat to try and bring down her nemesis, Levi, a bad angel. How he goes about this was a first for me in UF-always a good thing, I think.
What I didn’t like about this book:
Not really a complaint, but a couple of things are going on, one with Baset, the mostly dead, but very powerful woman, that Kat has to kill for, and with Kat’s informant, as he is acting really weird. Neither thing was resolved and I know that is what the next, and I think last installment, will be about. So not a complaint, but I just wanted to know more. I know that’s what a series is all about so just ignore me while I wonder aloud.

Who would I recommend this book to?
All UF fans. While there is a romance, it’s not a big part of the story, so I don’t think paranormal romance fans will like it as much as I did. I am a fan of both genres, so it was a good read for me.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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