RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Crave the Night (Midnight Breed #12) by Lara Adrian(@lara_adrian,@Mollykatie112)

Crave the NightBorn and raised to be an emotionless killing machine, Nathan is one of the most lethal Breed vampires in existence. A key member of the Order—an elite group of warriors charged with protecting both mortals and vampires—Nathan executes each mission with flawless precision and a total lack of mercy. Now he must pursue a powerful, hidden enemy. But Nathan’s hard discipline and training are no match for the fierce pull he feels toward a young woman he has no right to desire—a woman of wealth and high social standing who has long been promised to another Breed male, and who may also prove to be the key to rooting out Nathan’s elusive quarry.
Jordana lives a life of glittering privilege as a member of a prominent Breed family in Boston. Surrounded by fine things and fawning admirers, Jordana wants for nothing—until she crosses paths with a dark, intense warrior from the Order and finds herself swept into an impulsive, sizzling kiss that neither of them will forget. As much as she tries to deny her deep feelings for Nathan, Jordana cannot resist the craving to be near him, to break through his forbidding walls and see the man he truly is. But getting close to Nathan will thrust Jordana into a treacherous new world, forcing her to risk all she has and all she knows about herself and her past. And loving this seductive man could be the most dangerous temptation of all.

Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series is one of my favorite paranormal reads. This book is the second in the part of the series after it jumps twenty years. This means I am still getting used to the new characters, many of which are the children of the original characters. I have to say that of course I am really enjoying it-how could I not? I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
This book is Nathan’s story. We first met Nathan as a really damaged thirteen year old, twenty year ago. As a first generation breed that was engineered as an assassin with no nurturing at all, he is a hard man who has never loved anyone. He also won’t let anyone touch him. He meets Jordana, a Breedmate that was raised in luxury and wealth. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever encountered. Not surprisingly, Jordana makes the first move towards him. Nathan knows that he has no place in Jordana’s life. Or does he?
What I liked about the book:
First, I liked that we finally have Nathan’s story. I always knew he would have his own story and Ms. Adrian didn’t disappoint. She wrote his character perfectly as a closed off hard man and Jordana as the one person who could take down his walls. I loved both of these characters and thoroughly enjoyed their romance. And true to this series, the hotness level is off the charts!

The next thing I enjoyed, was the inclusion of the Atlantian element in the story. You just know that this is going to be the basis for a lot of the next books. As an enemy to the Breed, it’s just a war waiting to happen.
Okay, have to say this, I really loved the introduction of a new character named Zael. He’s an Atlantian, but he’s not a villain. He also is described as beautiful. I can just picture him as a mate for a Breedmate in a future story. If not, that would just be a disappointment.
Which brings me to really liking that sometimes the villains are not who you think they are, and that there still can be lots of surprises along the way in a Breed book. Great job with this, Ms. Adrian!
What I didn’t like about the book:
There was only a couple of things that bothered me about the book. I originally fell in love with all the characters and we only see glimpses of them. They aren’t all together anymore and I just hoped for more about them as well as the new characters. I know this is the authors way of continuing a story line that pretty much ended twenty years before, but it was just a bit disappointing.

The other thing was it just seemed a bit slow to me at first. I was really wondering if I was going to really like the read for the first maybe fourth of the book. I should not have worried for a second, once the book got going, I couldn’t put it down, as is my usual with a Breed book.
Who would I recommend this to?
All paranormal romance fans as well as UF fans that enjoy a romance.

I loved this book and think that it is an excellent entry into the world of the Breed.
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  1. I can’t wait to get to this book. I’ve enjoyed this series so far. I’m thinking about trying it on audio. I haven’t listened to any of this series yet on audio.

    1. i have been listening to books recently and enjoying it, this is new for me. I hope you like it on audio!

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