REVIEW by Chelsey: 21 Nights by Cloud Buchholz (@CloudBuchholz , @CNicholsBooks)

21 NightsThe arrangement was simple: meaningless sex, no strings. That’s what she wanted. That’s what she told him she needed. But when their game of desires crosses the line between love and sex, she knows their kinky escapades are more than just a casual fling.
21 Nights is an erotic novella (about 100 pages) containing explicit scenes of sex, light bondage, and erotica. It is intended for adult readers.

21 Nights by Cloud Buchholz takes us into the lives of two individuals looking for a no strings attached arrangement. Initially, things start out solely sexual, but as time goes on the narrator finds himself having feelings for the woman—which goes against their agreement. Can two people who agreed to have a commitment free relationship really make things work? How long before someone breaks?
I really found the whole concept behind this novella quite intriguing. It’s written in the first person, which I personally like, so you get a really up close and personal feel for how the interactions happen— we’re never given names for the characters, which I assume is on purpose, so it’s really easy to imagine anyone in the two roles. Be forewarned, this is absolutely erotica. If you’re not looking for graphic depictions of sexual encounters between two consensual adults, or if you can’t handle that sort of thing, then this book won’t be for you. Personally, I didn’t find the encounters disturbing, though they were definitely detailed (and sometimes the language was unsexy to read, probably due to the very explicit descriptions). I think this story would have benefitted for a bit more subtlety, but that’s my reading style. It’s perfect for the reader who’s looking for vivid and visceral sexual encounters by former strangers.
I also really enjoyed the fact that the episodes jumped back and forth in time. It’s a nonlinear storytelling style that I personally enjoyed. You get little snippets of their time together, a day here, a day there—sometimes with other people, sometimes not—and not all of the segments are sexual in nature, which really helped to build the story and give it more of a plot than some of the erotica out there. It also helped develop a sense of poignancy—these are two people looking for comfort in the arms of a stranger; watching how the dynamic changes over time, and at different instances in time, was interesting to see.
There were a few instances where the first person perspective was a bit of a hindrance—only because the narrator describes scenes that he physically couldn’t have seen, but it’s not overwhelmingly like this. Otherwise I think first person worked well—especially with giving the reader a sense of connection to the narrator.
All in all, it was a quick, interesting take in a frequently stale genre. I think if you’re looking for a fast read, these little episodes would be perfect for a person on the go. If you’re a fan of consensual sex with a little kink and an interesting episodic story, then 21 Nights is for you.
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