REVIEW by Chelsey: Guarded (The Silverton Chronicles #1) by Carmen Fox (@authorcarmenfox , @CNicholsBooks)

25668497When everyone’s existence depends on the lies they tell, trust doesn’t come easy.

Ivy’s neighbors have a secret. They aren’t human. But Ivy has a secret, too. She knows. As long as everyone keeps quiet, she’s happy working as a P.I. by day and chillaxing with her BFF Florian, a vampire, by night. When a routine pickup drops her in the middle of a murder, her two worlds collide. While Florian knows how to throw a punch, deep down he’s a softie. His idea of scary? Running out of hair product. It’s time Ivy faced facts. Even with a vampire on stand-by, one gal can only kick so many asses.

For help, she must put her faith in others. A human, who might just be the one. A demon, who will, for a price, open the doors to her heritage. And a werewolf, who wants to protect her from herself.

Torn between these men, Ivy must tread carefully, because one wants her heart, one wants her body, and one wants her dead.

by Carmen Fox

The Silverton Chronicles #1

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

Smart Heart Publishing

Publication Date
July 30, 2015


Guarded by Carmen Fox was a sexy, exciting read! This book finds Ivy, a private investigator, on the lookout for more than just your typical cheating husband. Ivy has had it hard—and is looking for a bit of normal in her otherwise otherworldly life. But that isn’t in the cards for Ivy and as her past soon catches up with her; will Ivy be able to handle her newfound powers and the truth about her past? Or will she succumb to her newly awakened desires?

This was a really fun read and a pleasant surprise. I read a lot of paranormal romance and a lot of the time it falls flat for me. But Guarded was incredibly enjoyable. A combination of humor, sex and hilarious characters really brought this world alive for me. This book reads better than a lot of established ParaRom that I’ve read, and that’s saying something (because I love the genre).

Though my favorite aspect of this book hand to be the relationships between Ivy and her best friend (and vampire) Flo, in addition to the various “boyfriend” types that pop up through the course of the novel. The relationships all came across as totally natural and believable. Unlike other book series where the character jumps from man to man, Ivy has connections and relationships. Though they are often sexual in nature, the way she grapples with her newfound urges as well as how she navigates the dating game is genuine and real. I found myself laughing with Ivy and at the situations she finds herself in.

Okay. I lied. This was my favorite aspect of Guarded: it is incredibly sexy. Very fun for me to find! Often the sex is the most stagnant part of a book (very common for paranormal romance), but this was fun and exciting. Great buildup and tension—this book kept me flipping pages and thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading it.

I only wish that there was more back-story into Ivy’s past and how that’s going to affect where she’s going now, but I think with subsequent books that these questions will be answered. And this is a small quibble over an otherwise engaging read.

All in all, this was a really stellar book and I’m excited to see where Carmen Fox goes from here—because I will be keeping tabs on her!

I think that Guarded will really resonate with fans of the Anita Blake series, but specifically those who are looking for a little more humor. If you’re into paranormal romance that is humorous, sexy and thrilling, then you can’t go wrong with Guarded!

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About Carmen Fox

13550648Carmen lives in the south of England with her beloved tea maker and a stuffed sheep called Fergus. An avid reader since childhood, she caught the writing bug when her Nana asked her to write a story. She also has a law degree, studied physics for a few years, dabbled in marketing and human resources, and speaks native-level German and fluent Geek. Her preferred niches of geekdom are tabletop games, comics, sci-fi and fantasy.

She writes about smart women with sassitude, about pretty cool guys too, and will chase that plot twist, no matter how elusive.

Expect to be kept guessing.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading Guarded and writing such a lovely review. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, not least because I love your blog. 🙂

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