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Leave now or you will die like your father.

Ten years after her father’s death in a horrific car accident, Ryan returns to East Texas to mend her relationship with her mother, only to be blindsided by her callous indifference.

Ignoring the pain of rejection, Ryan navigates her new life in college, her new roommates, and her new therapist. Her nightmares and anxiety attacks are more prevalent than ever and now her therapist insists on more aggressive treatments to combat the debilitating symptoms caused by her repressed memories.

A run on the campus trails turns catastrophic and her worst nightmares become reality. Threatening letters start to flow in. Someone wants her to leave. With an unknown force stalking her every move and her mental illness at its worst, Ryan can’t trust anyone, least of all herself. The attacks are escalating and the only one who has the answers that Ryan needs is nowhere to be found.

On a journey to know who she is, she discovers that everything she thinks she knows, is a lie.




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