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Seth Caldwell has both magic in his blood and larceny in his heart. Too bad they could end up getting him killed.

Descended from Sir Francis Drake, he’s inherited his famous ancestor’s flair for adventure as well as the terrible secret of his bloodline – a curse which is slowly killing him.

Now, with the clock ticking, Seth must travel to an ancient temple in Panama that could hold the key to his salvation. With his family’s enemies hot on his tail, it’s a race against time with death waiting at the finish line.

HALF-BLOOD’S HEX, the first novel in the Urban Arcanology series by USA Today bestselling urban fantasy author S.C. Stokes. A fast-paced urban fantasy adventure with all the magic, archaeology and mayhem you have come to expect from him. 





About the Book

Half-Blood’s Hex by S.C. Stokes

Series Urban Arcanology  |  Genre Adult Urban Fantasy

Publisher Prescient Publishing  |  Publication Date June 4, 2021

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