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This is a featured placement upgrade for Bookfunnel users who have signed up to participate in the Breakin’ Spines Paperback & Hardcover Book Fair. If you are not a Bookfunnel user and you’re looking to register for the event, please visit the Breakin’ Spines Paperback & Hardcover Book Fair Listing page.

As each author is allowed to have up to 5 titles in each book fair, you are allowed to have up to 5 titles marked as featured per event.

PRICING: $5 per book per event

Following your purchase, you will receive an email to confirm which titles to mark as featured, and then another once to confirm once the step has been completed on the back end of the event in Bookfunnel. 

Scroll down for the event FAQs, links to the Bookfunnel event dashboards, and the promotional sharing materials link.


With the holiday season officially here, we’re looking to push the sales of paperbacks and hardcovers with this event.

Bookfunnel Event Dashboards

Event 1 ~ Nov 15th-30th  |  Event 2 ~ Dec 1st-14th  |  Event 3 ~ Dec 15th-31st
Event 4 ~ Jan 1st-14th  |  Event 5 ~ Jan 15th-31st


FAQs & Clarification of Requirements

Are we giving books away?
No. The purpose of this event is to push print retail sales, not to build your newsletter.

Are we uploading files for readers to download?
No, this event will feature your books print format purchase links.

How many books can we include in the event?
All authors may include up to 5 books. Please note, this limit does not apply to BookMojo clients so if you see an author with more than 5 titles, I can assure you, I’m already aware. There is no need to send me an email to let me know.

Bookfunnel Users: How do I set up a duplicate landing page?
Log in to your Bookfunnel dashboard, go to Books, click on the title, scroll down on the next page to your existing sales promo landing page, and click on the little settings dropdown and select the “duplicate” option. This automatically brings you to the page details for the new copy. Select Edit Page Details from the action menu and add (Print) to the end of your page’s title. Then add your print links. Pro Tip: Add your paperback or hardcover link to the big button and leave your ebooks in the retailer spaces so both formats can be represented on your landing page. For example, I have my big button pointing to the signed paperbacks in my website’s store.

What genres are allowed?
Everything except erotica. I apologize to the erotica authors in the crowd but including that genre means lower participation of other genres. Those other genres are the ones that provide the more beneficial cross promotion for BookMojo clients. Other than that, this is not an event themed to a specific genre. We just want to sell paperbacks and hardcovers.

Are ebook links allowed?
Yes. However, the print purchase link must be the primary  link. If you use the big button for your print book, you can use the retailer spaces for your ebooks. But if I go to vet your book and all you have is the retailer spaces pointing to the ebook page, your submission will be rejected. For an example showing both, for this BookMojo client, I have their big button pointing at the paperback purchase option and the retailer spaces pointing to the ebook. If you’re not using your big button, the retailer links must point to the print format of your book. You may have paperback retailer purchase links (such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Books-a-Million, ect.) and/or direct sales links (where readers can buy paperbacks right on your website).

Why are our books required to be at least 150 pages in print length?
We are trying to provide a quality print book fair event for readers. While shorter stories can be great in ebook format, they’re cost prohibitive in print, both for the writer and the reader. By requiring books be at least 150 pages in length, we have a greater chance of providing readers with books that are more reasonably priced for what they will be getting. 

Additional information

Which Event?

Event 1 ~ Nov 15-30, Event 2 ~ Dec 1-14, Event 3 ~ Dec 15-31, Event 4 ~ Jan 1-14, Event 5 ~ Jan 15-31


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