Writers! Do you want to become a BookMojo Author???

Hey there, wordboss! I want to quickly clarify a small but oh-so-significant detail for the writers in the audience: BookMojo is not a publishing house, traditional, vanity, or otherwise. I’ve received quite a few emails recently asking how many books we publish a year, what kind of advances we pay, when we’re open for submissions, etc., etc.. There are a lot of companies out there right now offering to publish and promote your book for a fee. That is not what BookMojo does. BookMojo is a PR service and PA service company (with a whole bunch of graphic design thrown in for good measure). I don’t publish my clients’ books, I help them get their books ready to publish (interior formatting, cover design, promotional graphic design, newsletter planning, social media content planning, website updates, and so on) and then promote the book for the release launch and beyond. I have nothing to do with my clients’ royalties apart from collating book sales reports for a few of them. I do not hold rights to anyone’s books but my own (Jena Gregoire and Avery Lennox), nor do I want to. The goal of BookMojo has never been to become a publishing house.

So… Do you want to become a BookMojo author?

Have a heavy release schedule coming up? Or maybe you’re just ready to go on a promotion binge in an attempt to boost sales of your back list. BookMojo is offering the PR Ninja package for just such circumstances.  

Want a more detailed explanation of what’s included?
These two PDFs give a much more detailed snapshot of the tasks I most commonly take care of for clients. However, I’m not limited to what is listed. Think of BookMojo like an extra set of hands to handle your author life workload.
What We Do  |  What We Won’t Do


At this time, we are currently accepting clients
who write in the following genres:

👉 urban fantasy or urban fantasy romance 👈
👉 paranormal romance 👈
(including RH/WhyChoose)
👉 dark contemporary romance 👈
(including RH/WhyChoose)
👉 spicy contemporary romance 👈
(including RH/WhyChoose)
👉 mystery/thriller/suspense 👈

If your genre is not listed, please check back at another time. 

I have two packages open for immediate start
in October and one available for November.

3, 6, and 12 month packages are available.

~o~o~ ✍ ~o~o~

Do you represent a publishing house?
Check out the PR Titan Package for publishing imprints.

Other Author & Publisher Services

The most valuable tool in any writer’s arsenal is a mailing list. It’s a captive audience that is there specifically for you and your books. However, your mailing list database is only valuable if you have an engaging newsletter with a consistent sending schedule and regular pruning of inactive subscribers. BookMojo now offers a package specifically to help you grow your newsletter audience with active readers, craft a professional newsletter, network with authors within your genre, and sell your books.

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