Author & Publisher End of Month Service Sale!

πŸ“š Calling All Writers β˜•οΈβœΒ 

This one is for the writers in the crowd.
I’m doing the last big BookMojo service sale for
the end of the year from now until October 31st.Β 

Use the coupon code
at checkout to receive
23% OFF
your entire purchase!Β 

πŸ‘‰ All services purchased may be used now or banked for future use.
Stock up while you can get a discount!Β 

πŸ“š PR Ninja Package: Unlimited PR/PA Services for Authors
πŸ“š PR Titan Package: Unlimited PR Services for Publishers
πŸ“š Newsletter Titan Package: NL Design, Planning, & Growth
πŸ“š Newsletter Features in the BookMojo Daily Reader Newsletter
πŸ“š Blitzes & Cover Reveals
πŸ“š Audiobook Proofing
πŸ“š DMCA Sweeps
πŸ“š Blurb Writing & Retooling
πŸ“š WordPress Website Design & Rebuilds
πŸ“š A+ Content Graphics for Your KDP
πŸ“š Newsletter Poster Graphics
πŸ“š Newsletter Branding Graphics Packages
πŸ“š Premade Book Covers

β›” Excluded Products β›” 

The only products excluded from the sale is the ✍ Wordboss Author Life Planner (which I sell through Amazon exclusively so my coupon codes don’t apply) and PA (personal assistant) services. 

Jump to the Service Menu πŸ“šΒ 
Jump to the Author Toolbox πŸ“š

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